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We're just getting into putting our LO on our backs with the wrap, and I'd like to learn to do that one where there's a neat-looking twist in the front. Does anyone know what I mean, and what it's called? Can anyone tell me how to do it or point me to a place online where I can learn?
This is it! We closed on a cute little house this weekend, so I finally get to have my VERY OWN garden!!!: I grew up working in my mom's garden, and I've been helping in the gardens of various friends and family for the last few years while growing tomatoes, beans, basil, and pansies on my tiny tiny fire escape in Toronto. Now I'm moving to balmy southern Illinois, and MY OWN GARDEN! Okay, so the ground is pretty steep, and there's not that much space, and it's all...
You can also try apple cider vinegar if you are worried about ringworm. It worked for us.
Thanks for the suggestion--going to bed earlier sounds like a good idea for more reasons than one! *yawn* Now that I think about it, I do feel like we are often coming in at the time in her sleep cycle when she's a bit restless anyway.
I've noticed that when I/DH come to bed (after DD has been asleep for a few hours) DD often wakes up, even though we don't turn lights on or anything and try to come in very quietly. Do other co-sleepers notice the same thing? Is there anything you do to avoid waking up your LO?
My LO started demonstrating distinct anxiety of strangers at around 4 months, although she was supposed to be "too young" for that. She is almost a year now, and is really starting to get over it--now it noticeably depends on the person she's responding to. Personally, I think a child's fears, especially when they're really young, should always be catered to. So no, you're not catering too much to him! I know people think we spoil our DD too. However, when she responded...
Can anyone tell me how the SleepWrap compares with the Moby? I have a Moby and have really liked it. My sister is thinking about getting one, but she came across the SleepyWrap and is wondering how it compares.
As always, it's so good to find out that I'm not the only one! My LO is 11 months old, and has gotten increasingly wigglier as she gets older. She's recently learned how to push herself over into a sitting position from hands and knees, which has greatly complicated our nursing to sleep routine. Like others mentioned, she sticks her little bottom up in the air and wiggles it around, then pops herself off, and now she's added the sitting up part. This has made going to...
I'm happy to see this thread, too! I've been wondering where the other July '07 mamas were! My LO doesn't crawl, but scoots around everywhere in a sitting position, and she's fast! She just pulled herself up to a standing position for the first time the day before yesterday. I have no idea how much she weighs, but she's tall and on the skinny side, like she's always been. (Born at 21 1/2 inches and only 7 lb 6oz.) She loves to babble away. Her most obvious "words" are...
I'm just wondering, do other babies wiggle like crazy while nursing, just before they go to sleep? Or is mine just a super wiggler?
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