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My sweet pea (10 1/2 months) has started scooting in a sitting position in the last month, but hasn't mastered the whole crawling thing. She gets up on hands and knees, so I think she could if she wanted to, but she seems to be satisfied with scooting for her getting-around needs for now.
Yup, we have that one too--and a blue one (indigo, officially?), but we use the green one most.
I use and like Bravado ones as well. I've tried other, I think cotton ones, but they stick to me and haven't held up as well.
I worried about a decreased supply around then because I stopped pouring milk everywhere at the slightest provocation, but then realized that it was just the whole supply regulation thing. DD is now 10 months and just starting solids, so apparently she's been getting all she needs, but for awhile I really missed the obvious presence of abundant milk. However, I don't know anything about the pumping aspect, so I can't speak to that part of the question.
Thanks for posting this question! I'm not a big talker, either, and it doesn't feel right to me to try to force myself to talk to DD when I don't have anything to say. It's encouraging to hear from others like us. :
This is also something I'm looking ahead to, although we're happy nursing to sleep and back to sleep for now (DD is going on 10 months). But she always goes to sleep nursing or sometimes with her "plug" if DH puts her to sleep--always sucking. If she's not sucking when she's going to sleep, she cries. Will she just grow out of this eventually? So yeah, I'll be watching this thread for ideas!
I second the "Square Foot Gardening" recommendation as a really good starter book, but my favorite is Patrick Lima's "The Organic Home Garden: How to Grow Fruits and Vegetables Naturally." It's a treat to read, and I find the organization and instructions very clear and helpful.
This is such an interesting thread! I haven't met very many people who purposefully dress modestly, so I'm really enjoying reading all your posts. It's really making me think about WHY I choose to dress modestly. I think for me it's part comfort and part principle (female empowerment, to be specific--same reason I don't shave...) I really appreciated the comments from heidirk about dressing our daughters. I agree that (for me, at least) a large part of how I dress...
Wow, this thread caught my eye right away! I've always been most comfortable dressing modestly (long skirts, pants, or sometimes long shorts in summer, loose tops), and did I ever stick out in high school! I've always felt it empowering to dress modestly. My body is my own, and I am not going to allow any cultural pressure to tell me I have to dress as an object for male eyes (I know not everyone feels that way about the way they dress, but it always felt that way to me)....
I just had a big discussion today with my mom and my aunt about how great cloth diapering is, so I wanted to add my two cents. Our 9-month DD has been exclusively cloth diapered from birth, and we think it's really easy and fun, besides the whole cheap and good for the environment part. : We would like to experiment, but can't really afford it, so we just do prefolds (hand-me-downs) and covers (we use Bumkins). You don't have to wash the covers every time, just when...
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