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I'm about to take a 14 hour trip with a flight of nearly 12 hours and another one of 1 hour. I think I'm prepared but then...maybe I'm not ?! She just turned 2 and it's her first flight. Of course she has her own seat, I got a neck cushion, will take her toddler blanket, loose clothes and 2 changes, little toys wrapped up individually, saline spray and Tylenol, snacks for chewing, mini juice packs, a carrier to carry her... I have some mini play dough packs, do I have...
Depends on who you ask, either way the evidence is only anecdotal.
Quote: Originally Posted by greeny New question: I'm taking the kids to dh's and my dentist, who is actually a family dentist and sees kids. I will be allowed in the exam room! But when I made the appointment the receptionist said that their normal procedure is to 1) take x-rays and 2) clean the teeth. Are x-rays necessary for a first visit? Necessary to detect small cavities especially between the teeth and potential infections. Not...
Pears will make anyone poop :
More specifically, how much do i have to order and how do I interpret the chart? For example Item # Product Name Botanical Name Origin Approx. Cups/Lb 1-4 Price/Unit 5+ 25 lb. SRP $/oz. 2678 i◊ Acerola Berry Extract Powder (4 to 1)* Malpighi glabra L. South America 3 18.93 17.98 — 2.37 (sorry, the formatting gets lost) approx. cups/lb 3 What does that mean? I need to order 3 cups or pounds ? Or one "Unit" has 3 cups or pounds? I am completely lost here... Please...
That's not safe at all.
If the toddler is a picky eater I'd try formula and cow's milk as a second choice. If not, cheese and yogurt are good and easy sources of calcium, too. And most toddler love string cheese Donor milk for a toddler seems over the top to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by hotmamacita Dietrich http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietrich_Bonhoeffer Don't, while Dietrich Bonhoeffer was an admirable man, the name is so old fashioned the poor kid will get teased to no end. Not good old fashioned like Emil or Friedrich which are in fashion. Wolfgang is in the same category by the way. I'll suggest Benedikt Lars Joshua Matthias Paul Anton Konrad Nils Leonard
Night weaning did help her sleep longer in one go. Sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by BellinghamCrunchie To me the concern would be is he over time getting higher and higher on the weight percentiles or slowly dropping towards the norm, or staying about the same? If he's staying about the same or slowly dropping I would just continue to give him healthy foods to eat. If he's going upwards on the percentile I would re-consider his diet and ways to increase exercise. That would be my advice,too.
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