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Last summer we did have him evaluated. It came back with ADHD and possible aspergers. We kept him out of preschool and for a year he was fine. We were think the doctor was too quick to diagnose. But now after hearing from everyone I feel down
The stealing incident was one fruit snack! Yes, it's not exactly the best behavior but not horrible. We did talk about it and that was it! The name calling was a class wide epidemic that was addressed in class. We also discussed it at home. He has also come home talking about some mean boys. They call him stupid and dumb. I don't know if it's true or not.   The program is through the local school system. This is it's first year for kindergarten. In talking with the...
Wow!!! So didn't think that everyone was going to go this way! 
I am glad to hear that this is not a normal relationship!    I love the idea of asking for daily reports. I also feel like she is telling on him. Am I crazy? Is he not right for kindergarten? I feel like he is being picked on by the teacher!
Ok.  My ds is 51/2 and didn't go to preschool. We had thought we would homeschool but we found a Montessori program we thought we'd try. My ds is loves it! I think the teacher doesn't "like" him!    Ds has some add/ADHD signs but we work with him and are really doing our best to help him figure out school. But problems keep coming up!!   About 2 weeks into school I wrote an email to the teacher asking about him. He kept telling me about "Dan" not a real kid in...
Hi! I am in the Sound Parenting meetup group! We are a moderate AP group. Not all of us are super AP but we all subscribe to parts! Come check us out!
Hi All,   I am from Oklahoma but have been out of the state for the past 5 years. My husbands job may be relocating us to McAlester! I am so not sure how I feel about this! Currently we live in Washington state, so it's a huge difference for us.    I am wondering about good schools. my son is enrolled in a Montessori kindergarten currently.    Friends? Any other APish families out there? Playgroups?    I have family and grew up in the Norman area but not...
Check meet up.com! They have some attachment parenting groups!
I have signed up for the newsletter, liked LunaPads on Facebook and am ready to take the LunaPads Challenge!!!
My son loves dress up! He got hooked after his gma gave him his first dress up box. It was a sturdy cardboard box covered with cool paper. That box was demolished within the first year. We have been using a big tupperware type thing for the big hats and other big things. Then he has small boxes for the accessories. He is 4 and loves that his jewelry is in one box and his tools are in another.
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