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danielacI remember when I had mine done! I went home and took it easy the rest of the day like I do when I have a really bad cycle. Yippee on the clear tubes!!!
holly22685 wow I would be keeping my fingers crossed, some women just take longer to get a BFP. Your temps are still really high!
I think hubby's opinion of the health care worker that will be there when a baby is born is important. If my hubby didn't like them I would have trouble relaxing and attending to the task at hand in the moments of delivery, if you know what I mean.
Just remember girls.....it is normal to have one month a year and not O! Sucks for those of us that are trying to catch that egg
WOW I got a peak this morning!!! Three days before I normally do!
OK here is our new thread for the month of November!!! Go ahead and bold your updates or send me a PM. Waiting to O danielac chel makeminepink milkybean Carly6971 MRJmama crystal-mommy Waiting to Know wtg4miracle JszGirl holly22685 jbandaru LibertyBelle : BFP : geekgolightly Let us know aprilmom Janet1077 I wish everyone the best this month. :
I'll put a November one together....maybe it will bring me good vibes!!!!
Wow I wish I would peak on day 13!!!!! I'm day 15 and still just a high....I'llbe lucky to peak before day 19. It makes for some long cycles!
Wow did we go another whole month without any BFP here????? November has to give some of us some good news!!!
wtg - I hope your appt goes well today! I'm on CD 10 and i get to start POAS again. This is the last month I'm doing this and I did a round of clomid too. After so many years of my life spent trying to get pg I'm going to throw in the towel after this month and just be happy with the wonderful children I do have. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the month though! I guess I can look at the up side, I don't have to worry about any birth control!
New Posts  All Forums: