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I wanted to join in. I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant. Sick as can be..no energy..but love knowing that a little one is growing inside me! Trying to enjoy all that I can..this will be our last.
I would like to join please.   We are almost debt free-but except for the house. (Only 22 more years to go! )   Dh's hours were cut and he lost $6 an hour to stay employed.   We are barely making it each month.   Have no clue for Christmas. I've applied at Salvation Army so I hope that will work out.   I am thankful for:   My wonderful healthy children! My hard working man Our home Our food Our clothes  
I would like to join!
Quote: I am excited because starting in Spring they will no longer be offering juice, but instead fresh fruits and veggies! I hope my WIC will be doing this soon! I don't complain about the free juice, but I would be super super happy with fresh fruits & veggies as a replacement. :
Quote: Using a school supply site I was able to make 12 games for $18! Would you mind posting the link? We are homeschoolers, and that sounds like a great place for supplies!
I came back to Mothering to try and find a thread like this. My dd wants an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, so today I found a bunch of "home-made" mixes to use, instead of the expensive packs at the store. (She helps me cook daily, so I have no clue why she wants an EB so badly. ) I've made "stay-at-home" days. The past few months have been crazy. We found that between our errands, appointments and homeschool activities that we were hardly home. Instead we were...
He sure got a kick out of himself, didn't he? I wish I could find myself that funny
What is the difference? Which one worked best for you regarding anxiety? I'm having breakthrough anxiety despite being on 200mg of Zoloft. I've been doing great for months and now this. I try hard to not let myself get down, but I thought I was over this. I also take fish oil each day, but a mama on the ppd online support group suggested 3.6.9 Omega. Just curious about it.
Seeds and/or garden bulbs Hot cocoa with snowman poop (little marshmellows..the kids love to make these) crossworld puzzle book Instant cider or tea bags For inlawsduct tape coal I'm kidding, I'm kidding
Quote: I don't have any advice, but I couldn't read and not send you a hug. Have you taken a look at this forum? http://asklenore.com/forums/ubbthreads.php It is run by a woman who induced lactation to nurse both her children. YES!!! I just checked the link and it is every thing I'm looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it with me.
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