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I also try to stay far far away from soy in all it's forms (soy lecithin seems to be everywhere, it's very frustrating). I drink kombucha for liver support.
I don't think it would matter whether or not they screened for it in pregnancy. To my knowledge many people don't test positive with it even if they do have it, there are different strains of lyme and many labs only screen for a few of them. Plus lyme likes to hang out in soft tissue and other places so catching it in a blood test can be tricky for some people. Lyme is supposed to be clinically diagnosed which means it's diagnosed by symptoms, unfortunately most doctors...
My husband just built me some raised beds out of pine. They are all 12" deep. I have two 4'x8' and one 3'x6' and two 2'x2' (the smaller beds are for my children, they are growing strawberries in them). I plan to add more next year. Here's a link to give you a visual. My husband used these instructions to build our beds and they turned out really nice.
Yep, all butter works well for me too. You could try Spectrums Palm Oil Shortening though if you wanted. I made a chocolate buttercream with half butter half palm oil shortening and it turned out nice. Oh Lord, now I want to make a cake. The coconut oil would definately liquify. Do you have one of those cute Nordic Ware lamb pans? I want one. I have the snowman and he turns out super cute.
Martha Stewart has a good housekeeping reference book. She goes into detail about every room in the house and about which cleaning tools and products are used for what. She has some natural cleaning sugestions as well. I have even given the book away as bridal shower presents and the brides-to-be always rave about it in their thank you notes. I had to do chores growing up (lots and lots of chores) but I still didn't feel fully prepared when I was first married and...
I don't wear one as of yet. I would like to and I have purchased several patterns to make them. I did make both of my daughters a cute apron and they love them and wear them all the time.
lol. Last year I did some pleading myself!
I'm having alot of fun on growveg.com. I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend the money and subscribe to this one. Thanks for posting the links
Has anyone tried CLA?
4x4 is what people use for "Square Foot Gardening" I believe. My husband and I are building our raised beds this weekend. I think we bought pine, we are definately on a budget so no redwood for us either. My beds are going to be 12 inches high and 4'x8'. I think when you go longer than ten or twelve feet you need to put a board across the middle to brace it, you can use a board that's less deep so you won't see it. I hope that makes sense. I'm pretty sure I read that...
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