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I received my thyroid tests yesterday from my doctor. He said I was normal. I'm really frustrated since I have many symptoms. These are my numbers, I would be very greatful for opinions on the tests and suggestions on where to go from here. TSH 1.91 T3 Uptake 29 Free Thyroxine Index 1.8 Thyroxine (T4) 6.1 Ferritin Serum 24 (This is low, I'm supposed to supplement iron now) B12 594 The reference range for the Free Thyroxine Index was 1.2-4.9 so I barely made it...
My husband has also had to deal with this. He has gotten a peri-anal abcess in the same spot at least 8 times and another one nearby twice. They appear right on his butt cheek and kinda in his crack (ugh, it's so embarressing for him, I feel horrible). They are quite literally a pain in the a**. He's had them lanced, a few times they have burst and also he's had some clear with abx. Last May it was so bad he had to have IV abx everyday for a week. Not fun at all. My...
Wow, thanks! Off to peruse the links now.....
My son is 8. We use Singapore Math with success however my son is very computer oriented and would prefer to be there instead of sitting with a book and workbook. I was wondering if there is a good program out there to teach math that could replace Singapore for us. If not I'll most likely buy a math practice program but I would like to see if there is something that teaches as well. Thanks, missa
Has anyone here bought this? Pros, cons? I have a Spanx but it doesn't help with posture and also I don't really like having to use the split crotch to pee (sorry, tmi). The kymaro is a two piece. My idea is that maybe if I'm sucked in a bit it will help remind me throughout the day to resist the snacking urge (I occasionally mindlessly wander into the kitchen and end up with something in my mouth) Here is the link for the Kymaro Thanks, missa
Hmmm, well I do know that the fat cells you have are permanent. They only shrink and don't disappear when you lose weight. I thought that the energy is burned, so consumed. Is there a by product that leaves the body? I don't know. Good question, maybe somebody else here has a more accurate answer than me.
Thanks. I'm definately going to order. My homeschool co-op has it for 15% off right now if I order by Sunday. I already have a digital piano so I'm ordering the premier with easy mode without the keyboard. I'm skipping the DVD's because I don't have alot to spend right now but I hope I can add those at a later date.
I joined the above co-op as well and purchased. I also added 2 children on so all three can use it. I like that it's transferrable because my sister and brother would love to use it when we are through. Each additional child is $15 so my total was $60 for three, ordering directly would have been that much for just one child (actually double that initially if they haven't fixed the billing yet) so this was an awesome deal. I will try to come back to this thread to...
I hope they aren't aggressive cause yeah, they sound so loud. I did see two though once, I was in my car pulling into the driveway and they took off pretty fast.
Has anyone here bought Piano Wizard? Did you like it? I actually would like to learn myself as well as my children. Thanks, Missa
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