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I love my NordicTrack Elliptical machine. It's easy on the joints and I love that it gives the arms a workout too.
You really could still be anemic. I would definately get it checked out. I left the hospital under 7 like you and they just kept telling me to take my iron pills and I'll feel better (I went to my doctor 3 times before my 6 week pp check up cause I felt so horrible). I eventually did start to function better but I never really felt better, I just got used to feeling crappy. 18 months later I had my levels checked again and I was only 7.4 even though I was taking the...
I believe Coastal Scents has a tutorial video on how to make a body butter.
I too am sorry for your loss. I would also add that using a cast iron pan for cooking can help support iron levels. I know that horrible anemic feeling myself. I unfortunately never was able to get back to normal by myself and required an iron infusion. I do hope you start to feel better soon.
I personnally think any soy is too much soy but then again if I eat even a small amount I get horribly, painfully bloated. I prefer my kids to stay away from it too but they do get some when they visit family and friends. It isn't very often maybe once or twice a month so I'm not too concerned.
I do but the last 2 years I've been lazy. I think I may take them in soon though since it's been awhile. A couple years ago my son had surgery then a complication and one of my daughters ended up needing stitches on her forehead. I think I was just sick of doctors for awhile, plus the stress all that caused.
Coconut oil works for me. Eating it and using it as a moisturizer. When I didn't have enough fat in my diet my skin looked really bad, now that I eat lots of good fats my skin isn't dry and itchy.
Sending : your way. I hope everything turns out okay.
Well, I did lose 3 pounds last month. I wanted to lose more but I'm really struggling. I see the doctor on Thursday to check my thyroid, I hope we figure out what's going on with me. I have some hypothyroid symptoms. My goals: Continue to exercise (5 days a week elliptical, and Total Gym every other day) Eat more protein and good fats Eat less grains Drink wine only once a week Stay busy around the house to burn extra calories (cleaning and...
I would denfinately have him do a sleep study. My husband has sleep apnea and if left untreated it can cause some serious problems. Also, you're both probably not getting a good nights rest, I couldn't even sleep in the same bedroom with my hubby our first 2 years of marriage, after he got a cpap machine I could sleep next to him without wanting to kick him
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