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I took it for 3 days until I had (warning TMI) bloody stool. After just 3 days on it I had horrible anxiety after I came off. I do remember having an upset stomach but what could I expect since it caused my insides to bleed. When I got to my doctor's office about 48 hours later I was a wreck, he prescribed something else. I obviously will never take Ultram again. Luckily I was back to normal less than a week later and I consider myself very lucky. I just read an article...
Huh, why didn't I think of clay to draw the toxin out Great idea, I'm going to keep that in mind next time the kiddos get bit.
My chicken pox vaccinated children all got the chicken pox and it wasn't anything like the cp I had as a child. There were many, many tiny bumps and only a few blisters. They weren't covered head to toe but it was alot. I was shocked when I took them in to the doctor to find out it was chicken pox. I don't remember them having fevers either. My girls and I also have keratosis pilaris and we don't get covered head to toe like that, I guess I would be shocked if that's...
I always wash the skin to get all the venom off right away, then ice the area to lessen the swelling (I will ice it the next day too for sure), I put aloe vera on the stings, and I've been known to put benadryl cream on them too (just a dot right on the individual bites) if my kids are scratching at them. They can get infected if they scratch at them or pick at the pus blister thingy. So it's great that your little guy is leaving them alone That's what we do, I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by FrannieP Missa wrote: Labs To Request From Your Doctor here. Does sound like a list of hypo symptoms. Hopefully you will get some relief soon! Hang in there. Frannie Thanks, I made a list to bring with me.
I'll be getting my thyroid tested next week and I'd like to know what specific tests to ask for? I found a doctor near me on the Armour website, I wanted to go to someone who would consider a more natural treatment if needed. My symptoms are 15 pound weight gain in the last 2 years, I've managed to stop it in it's tracks with lots of exercise and eating better. I've lost 3 pounds (but I've lost the same three pounds like 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months) A case of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Missa 885/1000 1/25- 30 min elliptical 1/26 30 min elliptical 25 min total gym 1/27 35 min elliptical 1005/1000:
I have a pretty large computer desk. One section is dedicated to homeschool. Each child gets their own shelf (3 children) and the two filing drawers below are used to store our "keepers". I keep all the arts and crafts stuff in a kitchen cupboard but that system isn't working too well, it gets pretty messy.
There are several threads in the Traditional Foods forum about making butter, peanut butter and lots of other fun foods:
yeah, that's alot of money. They look funny, I suppose you are constantly trying to keep balance all day so I guess maybe you would burn a few extra calories through out the day.
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