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bored bored bored right now. Yes, there's plenty to do, but it's all house chores which are pretty under-whelming. So, yes, I get bored.
I don't have any advice, i just wanted to say hang in there and send some hugs and positive vibes. We're in the same boat with our two year old who just decided to start pushing boundaries, and it is maddening. Good luck, I hope someone chimes in with some actual advice for you, but in the meantime, you're not alone!!
he doesn't look skinny to me, he looks about the same weight as my kiddo. We're on the lower end of the chart, but we actually don't pay much attention to charts as both hubby and I are usually at one end or the other of those things, so why should our son be different? I say keep up the good work. He's a beautiful kid and you're doing a wonderful job being his mom!
my first thought was to give her things she can go ahead and chew away on without worry anyway, such as good hard stale bread heels, a smooth chicken or ham bone, beef jerky, nice hard fruit leather.... my ten month old does the same thing and it seem to really help giving him food-objects to chew on so he can scratch his gums and practice using his teeth. I think there's probably some good vegetarian options, too, if you don't do meat. hop that helps! Good luck!! :
not living in an earthbag house yet, but we're trying to buy land and build one, too! i'll be keeping and eye on this thread! best of luck in your adventure!
i just wanted to say I'm a 38DDD and I wear playtex underwire nursing bras. I find that they are just the right thing for me. They are non-elastic straps which means less bouncing discomfort when i'm walking to excercise. I tried almost everything I could lay hands on, and found that nursing under or over a regular bra just made me really sore, and the usual nursing bras were cheaply made and too bouncy/flimsy. No problems with the underwires and blocked ducts or mastitis...
Ah ha! That makes so much sense. Thanks for the info! I think there's a milk-goat or two in our future, and I'm trying to learn all I can. Good luck with the kids.
hey, sorry to hijack, but I'm dying to know... why do you have to strain the goat milk? I know very little about any sort of dairying, so I'd love to know! Thanks, and congrats on your kids!
Just wanted to chime in and say that my little family is heading for the farm life after many many years of planning and strategizing and hunting down the right place. The best best best thing you can do to gain experience is to sign up for intern work at a nearby place, or find a csa that will give you some volunteer hours or in some way make a connection with a farm that will allow you to be "hands on" in some way to see if you like it. In this case, try before you buy,...
oh, wow, the great ideas just keep coming! So, here's a thought... she had terrible terrible back labor last time, and thinks she'll have it again. Is there anything you ladies would recommend sticking in there for helping with back labor? Keep 'em coming, these ideas are all so great, and I love hearing about all your births and how these various things were useful/not useful. Thanks thanks thanks:
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