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I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag, which I love because of the chocolate brown background with bright, girly purple swirls and mod-ish flowers. My grandma bought it for me and it's worked well for us. I don't carry a ton with us, but since when we go out we end up out for several hours, I always carry several diapers, a wetbag, wipes, snacks, water bottle, and a couple toy cars. With a newborn I'll have to add more diapers, a spare set of clothes, a carrier (a wrap or RS)...
Hello everyone. Thank you for thinking of me. Yes, I've been feeling a little antisocial but mostly just a teeny bit overwhelmed. I keep waffling between thinking I have plenty of time and no time at all. The panicky, no time at all feeling is with me most of the time, but when people ask me when I'm due and I say April 28th, they're like "oh, 8 weeks, so you have a little while yet". Umm, yeah. To you maybe! I have so many things I need to do, mostly sewing. Since I'm...
Oh, nice! I've used the DD free nb pattern for several diapers and I like it. I understand the DDU purchased pattern is much nicer. I bought the Fattycakes pattern for my flannel diapers and I'm considering buying the DDU pattern still. It'll depend on how much I like the Fattycakes design I think.   Now that you have a snap pliers you ought to think about mama cloth too. I ended up buying a pattern...
Thanks Dierdre! I have the snap press from Kamsnaps.com (I bought one with a cosmetic defect, it's perfectly functional). Make sure you go ahead and buy the extra dies and the awl. You really do need the awl and the pliers come with the size 14/16 die on there, but the snaps you probably want to use for diapers are size 20.  Might as well get everything, then if you want to sell later it's a complete setup.
I've really gotten into sewing my diapers. I've made several fitted diapers using the Darling Diapers free newborn pattern, and I just bought the Fattycakes pattern. I also made this cute little fleece soaker sleep sack. I had a few technical difficulties but next time it'll look better.     I'm going to drop by Abby's Lane tomorrow and pick up another pail liner and wetbag for my diaperbag, and scope out their covers again. It's so nice to have a CD store...
I'd do like Starcat said on the other thread. Call and say "I see that you can't make it to the baby shower. And there was no card but I checked online and you were the one who bought the carseat! Thank you so much!" And see what she says.
That looks good then. I was going to mention the highchair thing, but you already deleted one so good. Do you have a ring sling or pouch? I like the Moby, but I also like to have a ring sling. It's a personal preference, but something to consider if you don't have one.
Oh, btw Indentity I forgot to tell you your notes are great. If I were shopping for someone I would love to see notes like that! It also shows that you put thought into each thing that went on your registry and didn't just add stuff willy nilly.
Mrsbone, I love all the pink! I am so jealous, I want to sew girly things so badly. everything look good from here, since this is a second child you probably have the bassinet and highchair and car seat, right? You didn't have a diaper bag on there, is that because you don't need one?
Alicia your registry looks good. Since this is a second child I'm assuming you have a car seat, highchair and etc. Now I'll go check out Mrsbone's. It looks like you guys have put a lot of thought into these. :)
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