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I've never had any nursing problems, we've been great from day one. But in the last couple days, my nipples have been peeling and have cracks and it hurts. Why, after 14 months do I all of a sudden have this problem, and what do I do? I'm not ready to wean but I can see how slippery that slope would be if I skip even a couple feedings to let myself heal. He's so in love with food right now.
I live in my glamourmom tanks. I have a few of the long ones and a bright turquoise one I don't wear anything else. They are SO well made and have a really ingenious nursing-pad holding system. Really really comfortable. Become a "glamourmom" and have your friends buy them too and get some free. If not, buy them under CAOW58. (I, too, hated the ones I got at Target. The price was great but the fit was awful)
weird, I posted that somewhere else, that's not where it's supposed to be.
I just posted a new thread just like this. BTW: the Chlor-Trimeton just doesn't work for me. Hope it may work better for you, though.
It's that time of year and I CAN'T BREATHE! Anyone know which allergy medications I can and cannot take? I'm not big on any kind of manmade drugs in the first place but I'm definitely suffering. (It's kind of my fault I guess, I can't help but want to be outside esp. with baby. Suggestions?
I didn't notice the finger, what's that about? But I definitely was also annoyed by the breastfeeding thing after Claire left. It gave me an empty sad feeling thinking about Aaron not nursing and Claire apparently not caring about that fact.
Quote: Originally Posted by rrs It has. Considerably, in fact. The kicking is still pretty bad, but I have been told it has to do with crawling, and that it subsides once they can crawl. Well that's good to know. He just started crawling this morning!
Quote: Originally Posted by rrs He also kicks me a lot if we're side lying (and a lot more if he is tired). ... I do try to show him how to touch gently, and tell him that it's important to be gentle. Second that. Has it gotten better?
What is a nursing necklace?
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