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I do that sometimes but I'd rather *teach?* him not to than have him in mittens all the time.
My 6mo DS has developed the habit in the last month of clawing my face. When I'm BFing and when he's trying to fall asleep he's got his top hand wandering all over my face, grabbing and scratching. (I bled profusely for 5 minutes this morning when he got a finger nail just inside my nose. Most of the time my neck and cheeks look like I have a new kitten.) When I try to hold his arm, he wakes up and cries. It's either let him do it and I suffer - it HURTS - or I make him...
I get quite a lot of flak from just about everybody for CoSleeping and carrying DS all the time. After I explained to my mother about CS she's much more supportive. However she still thinks I need to let ds learn to be alone by leaving him alone more often. I think it's more because she wants ds to be more comforted by her than me. She likes to show him off in public and doesn't correct anyone when they think it's hers - she does look very young. It's frustrating but...
I live in Glamourmom tanks and cardigans. Love the glamourmom tanks. Wish it was easier to find cardigans these days (I don't like zippers around baby's face.)
Ok, I'm sorry, but what is this? Look at the 2nd picture. That's sad. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Baby-Feeding...ayphotohosting
I haven't finished college so on paper I don't have many skills. However I do have a lot. I am excellent with computers, graphic design and layout, used to an editor in chief and a copy editor. Interests: English, Editing, Graphics, Babies... Quite a few interests. I'm in my third year of college. I could work part time but I also need to move out of my parents' house when DS is a year old too. (They said I could stay for a year.)
I feel like I should change my name and run away now. I have problem with daycare it's just that when the time comes we'll have spent every moment of every day of his first year together. And he's already got separation anxiety!
I completely understand and totally apologize for the way that came across. Now that I reread it, I definitely see that it sounds like a personal opinion about other people. I'm sorry. I don't know how to pick a good day-care provider. I don't know anyone in the area that I live. I don't know what to do!
Quote: Originally Posted by davmon WHY CAN'T WE BUY SAFE STUFF FOR OUR FAMILIES???!!! Mona No kidding. It seems like we just have to choose between the better of two evils. In everything! I love crock-pots. I use it all the time but now I don't know if I will because that really scares me. I mean if toys are being recalled for lead... We're actually EATING this.
So I have an almost-6-month-old. Not currently working, staying with parents, taking a night class. I'm going to need to get a job eventually but I really don't want to put my baby in day care. I would love to work from home. Or, if that's not possible, work somewhere that has a daycare in the office so that I can still BF. It's important to me. I live North of Seattle, Snohomish County. Anyone have any suggestions? I want to get this figured out because now I'm just...
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