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I just wanted to say hi. I can't believe how much has gone on in the forums since the babies have started to be born. Where do you all find the time? I feel like I'm drowning. I took my 4th shower yesterday since the birth (8/8). Drowning, but not actually doing anything.  And having to face reality that I'll need to go back to work at the 7 week mark because my spouse is still out of work and my STD payments will be ending after 6 weeks. Emotionally I feel okay (perhaps...
Lovely! Happy babymoon. 
Sorry to drop off the planet. Contractions started Sunday night during dinner and now suddenly it's Friday afternoon and I can't believe how quickly time can fly (especially since it'd been creeping so slowly before).    She's stirring, so I'll post a quick-hit and pic and update with the full birthstory later.    Ilse Louise 8 lbs, 2 oz 19 3/4 inches Born Monday afternoon, 8-8-11      
Beautiful!! I love her little face. Good job, Mama!
Things are happening! I'm trying not to get too excited. Bur I'm hoping tonight may be the night!!
Hurray! I hope those contractions start for her!!
Woot! I love this. I especially love the fact that you went into labor at 4 and had the baby by 11. I so rarely hear that, so it gives me hope MY baby might come today yet. ;-)     Congrats on your beautiful baby boy and hope you are resting and lovin' him up!
I'm not gonna vote because then there looks like a "losing" name and what if that's the one you pick! I love all three. Baby Boy will be well named with either of 'em. 
I rode in the back seat for the first year with my DD. Seriously, an entire year.      I've still got to: go grocery shopping (today. For millions of tons of food because we're out of EVERYTHING) boil/sanitize my pumping equipment (just in case I need it right away like I did with my DD) buy giganto Kotex for the post-birth frozen packs   Otherwise, I am shocked to realize I might actually be ready. Ready? Ready! Wow.
Aw, so sweet! Congrats!
New Posts  All Forums: