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I love it! Thanks for sharing!
I have had to intervene with the kids before when the snacking became too much. A newborn eating constantly is one thing, but an older baby that is eating just enough to take the edge off then wanting to look around, then eat again 15 min later and repeat for the day can be frustrating! Plus there are benefits to nursing beyond just the letdown, like the higher fat milk that follows. To extend the times, you can go into a non-stimulating environment, or give her...
California Baby Super Sensitive soap and lotion.
Additional FYI, she is exclusively breastfed.
So my little on is almost 2 mo old. Her stools got to the typical seedy breastfed baby poop for a while, then got more and more runny. Now she poops pure liquid constantly, every time she passes gas, which is also very frequent. Then every few days she poops tiny solid balls, like grains of sand. They are very hard, and just like trying to wipe sand off a bum when I change her diaper. Any ideas what is going on? Thank you!
Beautiful story!!!! Congrats!!!! :
I am so sorry you had that painful of an experience, it actually brought tears to my eyes just reading about it! I would highly recommend Pam England's book Birthing From Within. It was my favorite book this time! She is a therapist for healing birth trauma, and there are lots of art therapy exercises and written material on healing past trauma, clearing fears and figuring out what you really do want this time. Best of luck in your upcoming birth!
: Congrats! A beautiful story!
My understanding is that a big difference is that you are just adding one piece of a complex hormonal process. So you don't have the natural highs produced in non induced labor. I had pit twice. My experience is not as bad as most. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again if I had a medical reason to do it. With that said, WOW is natural labor and delivery SOOOO much better! My first time was severe pre-e, I was on mag sulfate, really sick, and only 34wks. My OB...
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