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Quote: Originally Posted by iamama clean his car! then do it in the clean car!
I third Dharma. I love their stuff. Their customer service is pretty good, as well, from my experience. www.dharmatrading.com
I third Dharma. I love their stuff. Their customer service is pretty good, as well, from my experience.
I couldn't find it, but try this link... it lists several Laura Ashley juvenile prints. I hope you find what you're looking for! http://www.kravet.com/search/fabresu...ice=All&Page=1
Quote: Originally Posted by boscopup They're the only common ones, but someone posted here this week about using a button and some elastic. I don't know how long the button would hang on during all the washing, but you can replace a button if it pops off. Choking hazard -- big time! I tried one of those less expensive tools to apply metal snaps and it did NOT work very well AT ALL. It ruined at least 3 diapers that I worked very hard...
Which magazine, sarasprings? That sounds yummy!
OT again... sorry! Busybusymommy, that sounds so yummy! I think I'm going to give that a try. My kiddos are on a dairy free diet, so I will try replacing the buttermilk with rice milk. Any good recipes for waffles? Please tell me yes!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadege5 kimmie-pooh~~ I agree with you on Sparks. hey look, it was both of our #4 book. Whatcha reading next? Hey, I didn't notice it was your #4 book, too! I am currently trying to read Second Glance by Jodi Picoult, but I just cannot get into it. I'll probably put it away for another time. I picked up At First Sight by Sparks at Target yesterday, so I'll probably start on that this evening. I also...
Quote: Originally Posted by julesinottawa IIf you are able to cut it out and eat healthy (no sugar or simple carbs) for even a day or two, you will find the cravings will be much less powerful. This is SO true! It works for me. I have a total sweet tooth, and sweets is my major problem when it comes to weight loss. I will eat a whole batch of homemade oatmeal cookies in ONE day! : At least they're oatmeal. Seriously, though, I'm really...
I cannot jog either. I used to have very large breasts and that used to be my excuse, but I got a breast reduction almost 2 years ago. I thought it was going to be extremely easy for me to lose weight after the breast reduction, but I was wrong. I still cannot jog because bad knees run in my family, and I got them! So it's walking for me... when I have the time. :
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