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well ... the reason i haven't been posting is .... that i haven't yet managed to do it continually AND it is NOT a painless process at all (for me, on an emotional level ...)
it's not quite finished (need some more white all around) but here's a picture (i don't quite like the darker shade of blue, but when i dropped by the market on that day, there wasn't that much choice & i wanted to start straight away ....)
please count me in again (hoping not to gain this week "in between" ....)
am amazed with my progress this week & i could litterally "feel" i was lighter (... than i have been for so many years) 133.6 lb that is 60.6 kg & for my height, apparently, that is 24.9 in BMI = I MADE IT !!!!!!   discussed with one of the doctors who follow me (various issues ...) and she suggested i should aim for 56 kg, which would put me at 23 of BMI (have just worked out that this means another 10 lb to go => 123.5 lb)   so am going to carry on with phase 2...
i'm making another giant granny square for a pram blanket for my nephew ... he's going to become a dad in about 3 months .... they only found out about the pregnancy about 10 days ago, due to various issues ... i'm attending a discussion group on parenting issue this afternoon for 2 hours and am allowed to bring my knitting or whatever crochet thing i'm working on (it helps me NOT to talk all the time & let others take turns talking LOL), i'll try posting a picture after...
i crocheted a pram blanket for a friend of mine who's a childminder ... and the mom she minds the child of ... wanted to buy one so i made that one
+ 5 (expired stuff for the medicine basket) 286 / 2014
between last night and this morning + 37 only small bits and pieces, the amount i still need to sort out makes me feel ridiculous ... but at least, i'm doing a bit !!! 281 / 2014
crossing fingers that all continue to improve for your son, thecoffeebean !
136.9 lb it's taking me one month to loose one kilo, slowly but steady i suppose (wish it could be faster !)
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