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finally a loss (in spite of two night eating of chocolate episodes & having some crèpes for candlemass this week ...) what a relief to be heading in the right direction again .... 137.56 lb (62.4 kg) when i'll get to 60 kg, i'll take my wedding band and engagement ring out of my lock box & should be able to wear them again !!!
+ 1 203 out of 2014
am more practical than romantic & the two wedding gifts that i do remember well (it's been 19 years ...) are - the pie server DH's grand-mother gave us in person (not on our wish list, maybe not the color we would have choosen ... but useful anyway AND we do remember her when we use it) - the sewing machine that she selected from our wish list (i don't use it as much as i would wish to ... but it's conforting to me to know that somehow there's a link with her whenever i...
+ 112 (shuffled a lot of papers this morning, was looking for 2 specific items ... un-hearthed quite some finds ... and going to start make use of the paper recyling bank ... i mean i'm already organised enough to take glass items and most cardboard type of food containers to the recycling banks, the paper bank sits next to the other two containers ... so really, no excuses !!!)   202 out of 2014 ! (managed my goal of 200 per month so far ...)
ViolaP, thanks for sharing your opinion ... this pretty convenient for the medical and pharmaceutical industries that vaccines are given at such a young age (2 months) so that there would be no way to establish that the vaccine created a problem. Like, a child who was fully vaccinated per the schedule and then goes on to develop problems with speech or anything else, how could that be attributed to the vaccine if its given at a time before the child has demonstrated...
i typed "which vaccinations are compulsory in the Uk ?" and this website came up http://www.informedparent.co.uk/faq with this question answered ... (seems a decent website to get information from ...)   Q Are any vaccines compulsory in the UK? No, however most parents who question them are often met with disapproval from their GPs and health visitors. Concerned parents should take as long as THEY need to make an informed decision. Most vaccines can be given at much...
+ 3 (1broken toy, 2 pairs of worn out shoes) 99 out of 2014
same again for 3rd week in a row, 139.11 lb (63.1 kg ...it's getting harder going down, i'm only 3 kg from reaching a BMI of 25 ....)
139.11 same again this week at least i didn't put on weight in spite of stressful times again involving someone close in hospital + had to drop my two dance class last week still managed 2 swim session, a lot of walking and a roller blading class with that Harcombe eating plan, my binge-emotional eating is much more contained, which is quite a relief and means i maintain instead of gaining ....
am the same ... have to "think about it" for ages before actually parting with things .... my goal this year is to try to get to 200 items for each month (... therefore making sure i'll get to 2014 this time !!!) am ambivalent about writing precisely what each item is (sometimes it works for me, sometimes it seems to make things even harder .....) but printing that grid with 2014 boxes to cross off, that's definitely made a difference already !
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