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same again for 3rd week in a row, 139.11 lb (63.1 kg ...it's getting harder going down, i'm only 3 kg from reaching a BMI of 25 ....)
139.11 same again this week at least i didn't put on weight in spite of stressful times again involving someone close in hospital + had to drop my two dance class last week still managed 2 swim session, a lot of walking and a roller blading class with that Harcombe eating plan, my binge-emotional eating is much more contained, which is quite a relief and means i maintain instead of gaining ....
am the same ... have to "think about it" for ages before actually parting with things .... my goal this year is to try to get to 200 items for each month (... therefore making sure i'll get to 2014 this time !!!) am ambivalent about writing precisely what each item is (sometimes it works for me, sometimes it seems to make things even harder .....) but printing that grid with 2014 boxes to cross off, that's definitely made a difference already !
+ 18 (attacked a catch all basket with a revenge this morning !!!) 96 out of 2014
OP=  opening poster = thread starter
26=> 73 went through some plastic bags i meant to sort out .... last July !!!! what a relief, i'm going to be able to reclaim that space !!!   73 out of 2014 !
23 to 25 (cleared up the top of the microwave ...) 25 / 2014
139.11 lb (63.1 kg) managed 4 sports sessions last week + lots of walking ...
Great, THANKS .... i should receive beets in a delivery tomorrow & think i have most of the other ingredients already .... definitely going to try it !
could you please share your baby's favorite soup recipe ? i have picky children and am looking for inspiration !!! TIA
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