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could you please share your baby's favorite soup recipe ? i have picky children and am looking for inspiration !!! TIA
9-26 .... cleaned up inside of backpack + a catch all tray in the kitchen   26/2014
1 broken hanger + 3 other items (cannot remember what though !!! ... if i don't make notes, it slips my mind ....) + 4 8/2014
put back some weight due to stress eating = not happy with myself ! 141.53 lb (64.2 kg) hope to be able to make it to dance class tonight & to the pool tomorrow !
+2 4/2014
finally started this morning 2 half broken hair pins !!! need to go and cross it off my recording chart !
please, count me in ! (i have another 6 kg i'd like to get rid of ....(about 13 lb ...)
today's major achievement ; get DH to a clothing store & to try new trousers & to buy two pairs ! (one size down too & his present too large ones have holes in them anyway ...i prefer to have a husband who has no holes in his clothing ...)
140.66 lb (163.8 kg) sorry for the delay in posting, i had put on back a bit more and was annoyed with myself for eating extra late at night a few nights in a row (stress related)
- wiped two doors + a high up very dusty vent in the toilet it feels good to have a plan .....
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