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I would love for Lois to divorce Frank. He is an awful, mean hearted man. I don't think that if Barb ever left that she would clean bill and the other wives out. Even though she doesn't like polygamy she does love the other wives and I don't think she wishes them any harm. I think Bill was okay with having Margi's ex around until he heard about the kinky spanking. It's one thing to know they dated, it's another to know the details.
Quote: Originally Posted by jerawo I signed up, but I can't find where you watch the episode. Help! Go HERE and enter "Mondays" for the code.
Quote: Originally Posted by MountainLaurel Wow, what a night. Can anyone else see where the story arc with Nikki is going? Just transferring her compulsive shopping issues to a new target. Yep, my dh and I just looked at each other and said "oh no!" Quote: I get more and more disappointed as time goes on. It's like the writers have been watching too many daytime soaps or something. I miss the Big Love of last...
aghhhh, my puter doesn't play sound on some videos and it won't on the showtime site!!! At least I got to see what happened. Crazy, crazy!
WOW! I love this show! DH and I weren't that into the first season, but we decided to watch the second anyways. I am sooooo glad that we did. That was a great season! We just finished the last episode last night and now we are freaking out about how MLP and Conrad are going to get out of the house alive! But of course they do, otherwise the show would end. Anyways I love this show! I wonder what the combination on the safe was? It had to be something Silas could...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna Neither, he meant don't tell her he made him a priest holder of the family. Of course I'm not entirely sure what priest holder entails. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with living the principle though because it seems like they believe it's a calling that only one can decide for themselves. I don't think it was that. Becoming a priest is a common practice at his age and his mom would be glad (also...
I watched the episode again. When Bill was talking to Ben in the basement, what did he mean by don't tell you mom. Did he mean don't tell her about the new business or don't tell her that I am encouraging you to live polygamy?
Quote: Originally Posted by firstkid4me God, I hope the "Lois serves her husband" in the spoilers is not a gentle way of saying something sexual... that's NOT the kind of sex I want to see! lol, me either!
Quote: Yes. I think she is so sexually appealing and Barbara and Nikki- not at all I agree...If I were Bill I would be knocking at Margie's door constantly. She is fine! Quote: Aren't the women who shot Roman the same women who torched the boat? Or am I imagining something that didn't happen? I can't remember if they were the same women, but they are from the same group. They torched the boat and tied up Adaleen.
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