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Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherE Ok Roman won't be killed off and here's why: Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!On hbo.com there was a teaser preview thing-y before the second season began airing. There was a brief scene that showed Roman wearing a bathrobe on Bill's front porch. Oh yeah!!! I remember seeing that! Good call!
wow!I have been so busy these last couple weeks and haven't posted. Old news, but I am so sad about Ana. I would have loved to have her join the family....and move in with Margie! And tonight! Crazy!! Sometimes I wonder if Bill has any clue at all. You would think he would know that he was getting in way over his head. I don't think they will have Roman die. I like having him on the show. But it would be interesting if he did die and then Bill started...
Quote: Originally Posted by anniegirl LOL! I agree! I wonder if the scene where Margene tells her she has a husband and two wives if Ana is actually imagining a polyamory type situation where the wives get it on too. That would be a funny twist. I can't wait to watch tonight's episode! Ha! That would be funny! I can't wait either....just a few more hours! WOHOO!!
Just read the recap to Mondays episode "The Dating Game" Quote: Having uncovered Bill's romantic secret, Margene befriends an unsuspecting Ana, then arranges lunch with (the unequally unsuspecting) Barb and Nicki at the diner to introduce them to their prospective sister-wife. Bill tries to get a reluctant Don to embrace his Weber Gaming deal; later, he discusses his attraction to Ana with several fellow polygamists. That is going to be a GREAT...
Did anyone else watch the little 5 min special on the red carpet? It is on On Demand. They show a new scene of Margie talking with the waitress. Margie says "I have a husband and 2 wives!" And the waitress looks all excited and asks "How is it?" and Margie beams "Great!" Ohh I can't wait for tomorrow night! I hope that scene shows tomorrow!
Quote: Originally Posted by Neth Naneth ... and about how many episodes does everyone think season 2 will be. There are 12 episodes for season 2. I posted all the episode titles in post 695. But here they are again....these are the ones that are left in season 2. Episode #6 "Dating Game" #7 "Good Guys and Bad Guys" #8 "Kingdom Come" #9 "Circle the Wagons" #10 "The Happiest Girl..." #11 "Take me as I am" #12 "Oh, Pioneers"
I found a list of the new episodes coming, but I can't find the air dates. Here is what I found.... Episode #6 "Dating Game" #7 "Good Guys and Bad Guys" #8 "Kingdom Come" #9 "Circle the Wagons" #10 "The Happiest Girl..." #11 "Take me as I am" #12 "Oh, Pioneers" Anybody else have anymore info on upcoming episodes??
Quote: Originally Posted by Neth Naneth Does anyone know when the season premiere of this is season is suppose to take place. I think last season had about 15 episodes, I assume HBO doesn't show reruns, right? HBO has all the new episodes from this season On Demand. And there are some of last seasons shows on there too. I am kind of confused by your question. They already had the season premiere in June. Oh do you mean the season finale? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Black Orchid didn't margine admit to nicki that she slept with bill before they got married? i watched much of the first season in a sleep-deprived haze (dd was a newborn at the time) but i thought i remembered something like that... so it wouldn't be farfetched for him to begin an affair with the waitress. yeah, Nikki kept drilling Margie about her dating Bill. And she asked if Margie slept with Bill before they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neth Naneth Hey does anyone remember the episode when Nikki said she wanted to get have another baby, didn't she take birth control in that episode too? Yeah I remember that. I think she just said that so she could get more s*x from Bill. That was during the time that Barb and Bill were meeting at the hotel and Nikki found out about it. She didn't really want a baby.
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