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Guess What Today Is?????????????????????????????? Big Love Is On At 9pm!!!!!! : : : :
I am going to have to get HBO,
DS is 4.5 and has asperger's. He is still not completely potty trained. It can be frustrating, because I know that he can do it. And some weeks he does go in the potty. Other weeks he just wets himself.
DS is 4 with AS I voted more than 3 a day. But it is more like 1-3 an hour. His meltdowns don't last very long. But they happen all the time. He cries and screams.....really loud.
We wrote it on our calendar too.
Subbing to this thread too. I LOVE Big Love!!! I am completley addicted!
Quote: Originally Posted by alsoSarah Season Two will premiere on June 17th. alsoSarah YOHOOO!!! Too bad I don't have HBO. Anyone want to record it for me????
That is a great idea. I bet my son would LOVE one too.
Wow, thanks for the great links. I am watching the videos now.
I am subbing to this thread because we are concerned about our DD. I have been worried because she doesn't have some of her reflexes, like rooting, stepping, and her palmer grasp is sometimes there, but is weak. And most of the time I can't get her to focus on my face. It is like I am not there, or if she does "look" at me, it is only there for a second and then it's gone. She has a few more weeks until her 2month apt, but I will anxiously be waiting to hear what...
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