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When I see my ds holding himself and dancing around I tell him to go sit on the potty. And he tells me he doesn't have to go, and I will tell him again to go sit on the potty. And then he says "I don't smell it". LOL I think I will try the nightly sit on the potty and push.
So do you have him in training pants all the time, or just let him soak everything? I don't know what to do about that. Am I encouraging him to pee and poop his pants if I have him in training pants? Or is that okay since he will probably do it anyways?
My son isn't tube fed, but he wets at night. We have been using Nikky All-night pants with some success. And I just ordered some Bedwetter pants from Motherease. It says that they are suppose to hold 21oz. Here is a link. Bedwetter pants
We just found out that my 4yr old DS is on the spectrum. He has Asperger's. He was Vax'd. My 20mo DD is vax'd and so far seems "normal". We are also pregnant with our 3rd due in Feb. also. Since we learned about DS we are really considering changing the way we vax. We need to do some more reading about it, but I think we are going to delay vax.
Yes that has made it easier. Yesterday was a hard day though. For the past few weeks he has been refusing to use the toliet. And yesterday was awful, poop on the bathroom floor, 2 puddles in his room, lots of wet clothes....aghh one after another. I called his Dr. and she said that can be typical behavior if he is under stress and that it can last for a couple more weeks. Not what I wanted to hear. So right now, that is what is really hard. I am tired of...
We are doing okay. I wanted to cry in the Dr.'s office, even though I knew what she going to say. But since than things have really been better. She gave us some pointers on how to talk to him to avoid conflicts and that has really been helping. It is a lot easier when you realize that he isn't trying to oppositional. So I think the more we learn the better things will get. I did join the yahoo group, but haven't posted there yet. I am sure it will be a good...
Well we had our parent apt. Thursday. The offical DX Asperger's/Autism Spectrum Disorder Sensory Integration Disorder Communication Disorder She gave us a book to read on parenting an Asperger child. And I have a bunch of people and organizations to call, school district, Division of Developmentalty Disabled, Social Security office, Therapy, etc. Lots going on now.
My 4yr old DS had his first apt with a Behaviorial Ped. this morning. She spent an hour testing and playing with him. Afterwards she said that it does look like an Autism Spectrum Disorder, probably Aspergers. My dh and I go in on Thursday for the Dr. to talk with us about DS. I was wondering what kind of questions I should ask. I have been reading about ASD and AS so I know a little bit about it, but I am sure there are things that I am not thinking about that...
Hmm well someone must really like them b/c they are backordered until 2/2007 Darn it!
I was looking for some bedwetter pants for my 4 yr old ds and came across these. Anyone tried them out? They are a great price. I am tempted to buy one. They also have a day time version. Bedwetter Pants Training Pants
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