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I'll take them! I'll pm you my address. Thx!
Quote: Originally Posted by Catubodua i was surprised too. i did a search here and found quite a few threads about babies and nightmares. one poster said that her LO started them at about 4 months old when she was getting teeth - and that's just where we are too. i suppose it could be a stomach thing, but it happens so intermittenly i don't think so. My LO just cut 2 teeth a week ago & they are still bothering him a lot w/them pushing...
Birth stories Life With a Babe Vaccinations threads
I searched under "pages" before, not "groups". Found it now! Thanks, PoetryLover!
Tried to find the group by this name but couldn't. It said there was no group by the name. Suggestions on how to find you?
LOL I just typed out a really long reply for suggestions... But then Micah somehow deleted it all. HA! SO I'll try again. I use a Moby wrap or a Soft-structured carrier most of the time. I usually wear him facing me, with his feet tucked under like a frog. He wakes up after sleeping awhile, and he cries & stretches, but usually it's cuz he's ready to nurse and/or look around. So I've tried two things lately: 1. I faced him forward in the Moby while he was awake...
Micah rolled over today! I was just talking to my friend (whose baby is 3 1/2 weeks younger than Micah) this morning about how he hasn't done it yet, but it's not supposed to be a concern, etc., and that if they're quick to do stuff, it's not necessarily good (or bad) and how Micah hates tummy time. Her baby will be on his tummy for 5-10 minutes. Micah gets fed up after 30 seconds or a minute. So I decided to put him on his tummy, and he started flopping his head over. So...
Not sure if you're willing to come up this way (Hamtramck) but if so, PM me & I'll give you the name/number of my friend.
Celeste was my birth doula and she is the best! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. She was so present, calm, did exactly what was needed, helped out after the birth, etc. etc. etc. If you want any more info on what she did specifically at/after my birth, let me know. Here's her website. She's very experienced & it shows. She has a sliding scale for pricing, too, if money is an issue. She also goes through Doula's Care when she volunteers for...
Here's one of Micah & me tonight: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...2&id=712907501 And one of my older two on Easter: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...3&id=712907501
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