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We are staying at Timber Creek Chalets in Estes Park....any ideas for day use areas or cool spots we shouldn't miss.....short hikes?   Thank you for your input!!
Our health insurance through work has raised twice in the past year to something we can't afford.  I would like to look elsewhere for my kids.  Anybody rec a good health Ins agent??
I realize this is a bit broad but....I'm just getting started so I would appreciate any opinions. We have people coming mostly from CA and WI/MN, we would like to meet somewhere in CO since there will most likely be some families driving from both directions. We have a wide range of families who want class and families who want affordibility. We would need a pool as a gathering place so we can all just hang out and do nothing! I will plan a few adventures/hiking...
Thank you for the tips! I will be sure to check it out. I'm assuming there is only one place in Waconia but just to make sure, could you tell me the gym that you go to?
I would love to find a good match for us but have no idea where to start. I'm not interested in competition or her being the best at it. I was hoping to find a low key summer class that she could take. Small class size would be important to us. Anybody have thoughts? We are in Mound but have heard of some places in Waconia and Minnetonka. Any experiences in these areas?
Summermommy-We are interested in discovering Door County this summer as well. Newport State Park looks great however they only have backpack sites which are pretty much filled up on the weekends this summer. Do you think it is worth it to try any of the other campsites in the area?? Which ones would you suggest?
We used to go to Natura Farms North East of cities and loved it! I am looking for organic or "naturally grown", doesn't have to be certified. Family friendly would be lovely. We live in Mound but are willing to travel (we might go back to Natura Farms we loved it so much)! We love to stock up on a few gallons.
Tooth by the Lake in Hopkins has been wonderful for me. I see Dr Severson who is a mom of two little ones. There is also a male Dentist there who I here is great as well.
Is anybody willing to share there secrets on finding the deals? Looking for all different kinds from felted wool to make little people as well as roving. I would like to know a decent price per weight??
yes I forgot to mention she is STARVING or SUPER tired
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