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Today, 4 months 2 day.          
We are doing ok. Zeph turned 4 months yesterday. She is full of smiles and giggling just a little. She's discovered how to get her feet in her mouth and loves it. No real rolling yet, just a tad to the side. She either doesn't wake at night at all or maybe once, but is still going to bed super late (close to midnight). If she goes down earlier, like at 10, that is when she wakes in the middle of the night. Just today I felt a small sharp bump under her gums; I predict her...
Now that's it's mid April, here  is the new thread!
Roisin, my babies are BIG spitters. I wear baby spit for months. But they gain fine and are happy. 
Zeph went to bed at 9:30 last night and the night before!! She is fighting it right now (9:15 here) so we'll see what she does tonight.    I am pretty sure she has plagiocephaly. :( My third baby had it due to torticollis, and she seems to have a touch of tort too. Her plagio is less than his but I can still see it. I hope to take her to the chiropractor and see what they can do; we've already been working on positioning, etc. My son had to wear a cranial band/helmet for...
lilykay, what a chunky yummy baby! My first son was like that; in 12 month clothes at 6 months.
3 months.      
 Do share??
I thought it would be best if we could have a monthly chat thread so the postpartum thread doesn't get TOO long. ;)    Update on my baby Zephyr is still going to bed way too late, around midnight. After that she typically sleeps 8-10 hours. I just want her to move that time up. It is really starting to wear on us not getting adult time in the evenings after the older kids go to bed.    She is 3 months tomorrow! She is starting to be interested in toys (no grasping...
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