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   Oh I like that!
Oh NAMES...I love names! My kids and myself all have pretty unusual names only my middle son has has encountered anyone with his name (Orion). I will definitely find out the baby's gender as we really prefer to name our children before they are born. So far on the list are Astraea for a girl and Indra and Atlas for a boy.  
Spruce...thanks for the encouragement! We start after labor day and I still have a bit of prep work to do but I can't seem to pull my head out of baby land and finnish it up lol. I am really excited about having a baby and older kids who can enjoy this sibbling in a way that they couldn't at 4 and 2.
EDD (feel free to use beginning/middle/end of month, if you prefer) April 22   Age:35 State or Country: Arizona How long it took to you to get your BFP:We weren't trying but we weren't avoiding either (we have been wanting another child for some time) What number child is this for you: #4 Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): I will be married 14 years in Oct, and we have DS 9, DS 7, and DD 5. Baby's Gender (hopes or...
((((Hugs)))) Dh and I went through a similar thing this fall after my husband was on the recieving end some really neg comments about hsing from co workers and distant family. I think it was harder for my husband to get these type of comments because he was not as solid on homeschooling as I am. So we compromised and sent our first grader to music and third grader to PE at the local PS, DH was totally annoyed by every thing about it and we didn't have uniforms and the...
I am planning on reading  Tales of the Greek Heroes this winter with my kids. We read Tales of Ancient Egypt by the same author last spring and we all LOVED it. I haven't yet ordered Tales of Greek Heroes but I am excited about it and expect it will be the same high quality of Tales of Ancient Egypt.
There are also www.milestonesacademy.com/Site/Welcome.html http://www.charlottemasonhelp.com/20...-overview.html
I have been using BFSU for about two months and I have to say I LOVE this curriculum! I am really lucky to be doing it with a friend who has kids who are close in age to mine. Not because this curriculum is difficult to use/present but because I may have been too intimidated to start if I didn't have the motivation of working with someone else. So far we have done 6 lessons and they have been surprisingly easy to present once you have read (and often reread the lesson)....
Mosaic is a great free curriculum from Bringing up learners
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