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I don't post much on this forum anymore, but this thread caught my eye.This is absolutely not true. All current research shows EoE to be a lifelong, chronic disease. You do not outgrow it, and there is no cure. Other disorders can cause eosinophilia in the esophagus (the most common being GERD), so if you've miraculously been "cured" without continuing treatment, then it probably wasn't EoE to begin with.Another note about EoE- you have to be eating trigger foods at the...
P.S. I don't check in here often anymore (this post actually popped up in my saved Google search for EGID stuff), so feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions about my post.
He's probably being "picky" because his body knows that the food is causing him pain, whether he complains about it or not. It's not a behavior issue, and most likely not a feeding issue. Milk is THE #1 trigger for EoE, so if you're looking to manage the disease with diet (as opposed to swallowed/topical steroids), that would be the first thing you should remove. Studies have shown that removing the top 6/8 food allergens have had good results for EoE, so that would be...
Please don't lie about your children having allergies. It's comments like that that make people skeptical of people who really do have allergies. If you're going to lie about the reason, why not just say that you've already fertilized, and over fertilizing will kill your plants. Or you could just tell the truth and say that you're really concerned about the ingredients in fertilizers and you'd rather not use them (or whatever your reason is.)
Seattle Homeschool Group: http://www.seattlehsg.org/
Just be sure to document all potential symptoms- digestive (poo/gas), sleep changes, mood changes, extra ear wax, dark circles under eyes, etc.A rotation diet just means that you're rotating what you're eating. Like a 4-day rotation diet might have turkey on day 1, chicken on day 2, lamb on day 3, salmon on day 4 (and do the same with your other food groups.) That just helps you spot patterns easier than if you're eating the exact same foods every day. Because everyone...
I, personally, don't believe that for a second.I would probably take out the most allergenic foods- like fish and seeds (flax). Are you keeping a detailed food journal? You might also consider doing a rotation diet for a while- sometimes it helps to spot patterns if you're not eating the same foods every day.
I agree!!
No- we only saw him a couple times. It was a pretty far drive for us, and we ran out of funds for testing & supplements.
Ummm... casein is a milk protein. It is not found in eggs. And this thread is more than 2 years old.
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