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That's ridiculous. You're more likely to have a reaction TO the flu shot if you have allergies.
Food elimination and provocation (with a detailed food journal) is the most accurate way to test for food allergies. No tests are anywhere near 100% accurate, but they may give you a good starting point. SPT is generally more accurate than blood tests. But those will only show "true" (IgE) allergies, they won't show intolerances/sensitivities.
Most HBAC midwives around here don't really want to be advertised, for political reasons... but you can come to an ICAN meeting (and/or sign up for the ICAN Yahoo group) and get some names there!
I haven't read the whole thread (or even the whole post), but wanted to chime in quickly about ppi's. The function of a ppi is to neutralize stomach acid, so that it won't burn when it goes into the esophagus. The function of stomach acid is to start the digestion process. Without that, your body has to work much harder to digest foods. If food isn't digested properly, and enters your bloodstream without being fully broken down, that will trigger your cells to attack...
Yes- that's the right address for the other forum. You have to register for an account there if you haven't already. Many people have worked there for more than one year.
Yes, that would be a true allergy. But have you had it cleaned or anything? It's possible you're reaction to something in the wool, not the wool itself.
I've never even heard of an sIgA saliva test for allergies, but no- that won't show actual (IgE-mediated) allergies. Maybe they're testing for intolerances (which is controversial)? I've also never heard of enemas used to treat inflammation. I'm not saying it won't work... but there are certainly alternatives. Probably the first thing to address is the bacteria overgrowth, and then you might see all the other stuff go away too. I wouldn't stress too much until you see...
Just read through your first post. Being on an elemental formula (Neocate, Elecare) can give you a false negative scope (since elemental diet is one of the treatment options to put the disease in remission.) But Alimentum is not fully elemental, so I doubt it would have made a difference.
EoE is absolutely different than regular allergies. *Some* kids have IgE ("true" allergy) triggered EoE, but the majority do not. (We are in the minority; my daughter has EoE/EC and is IgE to almost every food tested.) Foods can be negative on allergy tests, but still be an EoE trigger. Patch testing is sometimes used for EoE triggers, but it's not 100% accurate either.I haven't read the whole thread... running out the door now, but will try to come back later.
Not true at all. I have always submitted the time I actually work, and been paid for it. (They do sometimes "suggest" you make sure your timesheet is accurate if it seems like your numbers are way off, but you certainly don't have to.) Granted, you may get fired if you work too slow, but that's the case at any job! And yes, as a beginner, things will take you a lot longer than they "allow", but once you get used to it, the time restrictions are usually not an issue.
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