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If you initially saw improvements but they didn't last, I would suspect maybe something that she's eating more of (to replace the foods she lost) in the past week. It sounds like you're on the right track, but you just haven't found all the trigger foods yet. Have you cut all the common allergens (diary, soy, gluten, eggs, nuts/tree nuts, fish/shellfish, corn)? You could introduce those foods again, one at a time (I wouldn't do more than one per week), and see what...
You could always do the Enterolab gene test to see if he inherited the celiac gene (or other genes that suggest gluten sensitivity.)
If you google Singulair side effects in children, you can find websites with some REALLY serious complaints about aggressive behavior, night terrors, and more. No way I would ever put an infant on that stuff. I'm really curious too how it is supposed to "help" the immune system??? I would say that there is probably still a food in your diet that is bothering her if she's continuing to have ear infections and a runny nose and isn't sleeping well. You don't necessarily...
My vote is on the rice flour. I've been making some cookies recently that use rice flour and potato starch, and they are doing the same thing to me! I've gone through the whole list of ingredients, and can't find anything else that would be doing it.
Hate, hate, HATE BoA. Nothing but problems when we had an account with them a couple years ago. I'm seriously peeved that our mortgage got sold to them this year.
They all taste pretty disgusting (and/or overwhelmingly artificial.) Sorry. If she's 16 months, I would think you could skip the formula altogether and maybe work with a nutritionist to get her diet balanced with whole foods. You could use one of the fortified non-dairy milks like hemp milk or rice milk for a calcium-containing drink (I'm just assuming calcium is one of the main concerns.)
ALCAT gives results in levels, right? Like green/yellow/red = slightly reactive/medium reactive/highly reactive, or something like that? When you say 41 foods- are those all the top level reactions, or everything? You could try just taking out the highest reaction foods first and see if that makes a difference.
Yes, eczema can definitely be caused by environmental allergies. When I get eczema, it only itches when it's first flaring up or when it's going away (and the skin is all dry where it's healing.)
None of the naturopaths suggested an elimination diet?! That would be my first step. IgG tests are highly inaccurate. I would suggest doing an elimination of the top 8 allergens for a few weeks and keeping a detailed food journal with everything eaten and all symptoms (digestive, skin, behavioral, sleep, etc.) Also- the skin testing isn't that bad. The application is usually really quick, it's the waiting (and not scratching) that can be frustrating for a little one.
With the exception of gluten, most foods will be out of your system within a week. But usually when you cut out allergens, you'll see improvements immediately (if you got them *all* out)- like within a day or two.
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