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With the symptoms you are describing, I would go on an elimination diet immediately, or else switch to a elemental formula. Swelling and trouble breathing should be taken very seriously. At the very least, I would restrict ALL common allergens: - dairy - soy - gluten - eggs - fish/shellfish - nuts/tree nuts - corn Watch for hidden ingredients (I have many listed on my blog, under my user name). Things like: deli meat can contain dairy, some produce (especially...
For us, the first 12-24 hours of a reaction were the worst. So if you can make it through that, it should get better soon. I would be worried about hurting your supply this early, otherwise pumping and dumping would be a great idea.
Have you ever tried eliminating all nuts? And seeds?
"supposed" to be just proteins if you're allergic, but it doesn't always work that way. Just like some peanut-allergic people can still react to peanut oil.My corn-allergic daughter reacted HORRIBLY to Elecare- both flavored and unflavored. She's now on Neocate E028 Splash and tolerating it better- grape flavor (grape flavor doesn't have any corn syrup solids.) It's a toddler formula though, so it might be be an option for you. But you definitely could try a different...
huh. I use a vinegar/water mix for all our TVs and LCD screens, and they all look fine. Why not vinegar???
I'm on my 3rd season (in rainy Seattle) with untreated cheap wood on my raised beds, and mine still look perfect (just faded/discolored.) I'm sure I will have to replace them every so often, but certainly not every year.
I'm sorry, but that (the bolded part) is utter and complete B.S. And REALLY not a very helpful thing to post in the birth trauma forum (by implying that it's the mother's fault that she tore, because she wasn't "relaxed" enough.) Sorry OP- I wish I had some advice for you. I just had a HBAC that resulted in extensive tearing. The recovery was (and still is) quite traumatic. I went into the birth with no fears, and consciously worked with my body in the pushing stage...
Just saw your post on the ICAN board and had to come find your story!! Sounds like a fantastic labor- congrats mama!! Enjoy your babymoon!
I think you have to look at what you would do with the results. If they did find one of the EGID disorders, there are 3 types of treatment to put it into remission (none will "cure" the disease; these are lifetime treatments): topical and/or systemic steroids, elemental diet (formula), and/or diet modification. If oats are the only problem food that you've noticed, and you aren't concerned about any other symptoms, honestly I'm not sure I would do the scopes. They...
Thanks for sharing your story- it sounds so close to mine (although 4 days after the birth, I'm still completely incapacitated because the my extensive tearing.) Congrats on your HBAC!
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