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3 hours?!?! The testing itself shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to apply, and then you have 5-10 minutes of waiting until they read the results. It really wasn't bad at all for DD- the hardest part was keeping her from scratching the ones that reacted. But the pokes/scratches themselves are really quick. Some places even use special needle tray things that can do like 8 pokes at the same time.
I wish. I had prodromal labor for about 4 days before contractions got painful as well.
From the time the contractions became painful, mine was about 22 hours.
YES! Mine were like that this time (yesterday ) They were horrible. Completely different feeling than contractions during my first labor. I think it was because she was in a weird position (she came out with an elbow up.)
I'm out!
What an amazing story!! Congrats mama!!!!
Congrats nitenites! I'm feeling like today might be my day, so hopefully I'll be out soon too.
What an amazing story!! Congrats mama!
Any 2 symptoms count as anaphylaxis- so racing heart/blood pressure changes + digestive upset = anaphylaxis. You need to have an epipen on you at all times, because each subsequent reaction can get worse.
Eosinophilic esophagitis is not related to reflux or allergies. It's a chronic, incurable disease that may be present with or without reflux OR allergies. The only way to test for EE is by scoping. For reflux, you can do meds and watch for improvements, or do a pH probe for 24 hours (that records the amount of acid going up into the esophagus.)
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