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If do you happen to be allergic to those foods though, you're just causing more damage to your intestinal track by eating them. More damage = more leaky gut = poor nutrient absorption. So by continuing to eat things you're allergic to, you're actually going to get less nutrients overall. There is also a theory that a baby can react to YOUR reaction, so you could potentially end up with a baby with allergies, or a baby who will show symptoms of an allergy when your body...
We got Sage covered by insurance (thankfully!) If you contact ALCAT, they will give you the insurance billing codes, and then you can call your insurance and ask if they'll cover it.
Sleep is ALWAYS tied to food reactions here. There is hope for a full night's sleep! We never had any issues with buckwheat. But I would buy whole groats in 25# bags (also processed on shared equipment, but I figured they would have less chance of xcon than a flour) and grind them myself in an old coffee grinder.
I've seen conflicting things about that. I know at least one other person in the allergy forum contacted them (after having done the test) and was told that you DO have to have eaten the foods previously for it to register correctly. It was a year or two ago, you might search the threads for ALCAT. We did get a bunch of false negatives on our Sage test, but it's possible that those were only IgE (not IgG) reactions for her.
The only way to figure it out is with a food journal.
How do you know that? If you removed foods and the eczema got better, then you have proof that the eczema IS food-triggered. So if it didn't go all the way away, maybe you didn't find all the triggers.Sorry- the rant isn't specifically directed at you... I see a lot of people say this (including doctors), and it drives me crazy because a healthy person doesn't just "have" eczema. It's inflammation in the body being triggered by *something*. Might be food, might be...
Eh... who knows. We did it when my daughter was about 12 or 18 months I think. It came bath with more than 30 positives. We did it again a year later, and some of the positives had become negative, and some negatives had become positive. We're kind of a special case though, because she has a rare immune disease and is now allergic to all foods except lamb. So I have no idea if the test was accurate, because removing those foods from her diet didn't get us to a baseline.
Sage is CRAZY expensive if that factors into your decision.
Are you serious? No way in hell I would under-report my time, and even the suggestion by them has got to be illegal. They are supposed to give you some leeway when you're brand new, because obviously you're going to be a little slower. I will say though that a ton of people have reported in the other Lionbridge forum that they are being asked to adjust your time, so you might get that warning. But I don't see how they can legally ask you to claim less time than you...
Yay!! I hate scandalous landlords.
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