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(Vitamin C is usually made from corn, a common allergen. )
Seriously- if she actually wants you to pay for crumbs left in a drawer, she's going to have to have documentation of ALL OF IT, and I'm pretty sure a judge is just going to laugh at her for that stuff. That's ridiculous. And no, I don't think she can count paying her mom- it needs to be an actual cleaning company. Repainting the walls and filling nail holes (a reasonable amount of them) should be considered normal wear and tear. So should shampooing carpets, unless...
We've never gotten a false positive on a skin test. We had a lot of false negatives when she was younger, but they were more accurate by the time she was 2. We don't use anything on her back after the test, and the itching usually subsides within an hour or two. Skin prick and scratch tests are different- it is literally a scratch vs a poke.
Are you still in WA state? If so:A snippet from RCW 59.18.280:That would include things like ordinary use marks on the dining room table, use of a cutting board, etc.(Also part of the same law- the landlord must have given you this list of itemized damages within 14 days of you moving out, otherwise they are responsible to return your FULL deposit, regardless of damage, and they can't file claim against you for anything.)Did the landlord hire someone to do the cleaning...
It's really not bad at all. Most allergists do skin prick tests (SPT) now, not scratch. It's just a tiny poke. The hardest part really is entertaining a 2yo through a long appointment and keeping them from scratching after the foods are applied (because trust me, it is ITCHY!!) By 2 years, the skin tests are usually pretty accurate. And if she's getting full body hives, you definitely want to have that done (as opposed to an IgG test). Most allergists have lots of...
Honestly, the only way you will ever figure it out is with a food journal. As long as your diet varies a little every day, eventually you will start seeing patterns with symptoms. I was going to suggest a TED as a last resort, but I don't have a clue how to do that as a vegetarian (because normally I would suggest a low-allergen meat like lamb, with a grain, a veggie, and an oil.)
It didn't "do" anything, other than keep the skin moisturized and comfortable so that it wasn't itchy. The only thing that gets rid of eczema around here is finding the food trigger and removing it from the diet. Glad she likes it though!! It is really great stuff for dry skin.
When you eliminated dairy from your diet, did you replace it with something else? It really shouldn't get worse before better, so I would suspect something new that you've introduced. Are you keeping a detailed food/symptom journal?
I would give the dairy some time to get out of your systems (couple weeks) before I did anything else. I wouldn't put anything on it, because most things will sting and just irritate it more. That said, we have used emu oil on occasion and it works great (doesn't sting, moisturizes well, no other ingredients.)
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