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I have a really hard time believing that, especially for a baby (environmental allergies don't usually appear that young.) Can you share where you found that statistic?
Nope, you can only work for one.
I'm hoping to find a child/family counselor that is AP-friendly and that specializes in children with chronic diseases. DD is suddenly having a really hard time with some of her limitations, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to help her through it. Does anyone have a recommendation? We're in south Seattle, but would travel anywhere in King County if necessary. Feel free to PM me with names- I don't log on here very often. TIA!
My 3-1/2 year old was present (with no support person) at my birth 2 months ago, and it went just fine. I kept reading horror stories of having kids with you in labor, but we had absolutely no problems. It was me, DP (who was busy for hours pushing on my hips; he didn't leave my side), and DD. Like you, I didn't want anyone else in our house during labor. Our doula got to our house about an hour before the birth, and the midwives about 10 minutes, so it really was just...
Blessed_mom - Dr. Ranheim is an environmental medicine doc that does LDA, but he's up in Everett. We didn't do LDA, we just saw him to get some alternative testing ordered so that it would be covered by insurance (because he's an MD.) http://www.drpdranheim.com/ouroffice/ I'm sure there are some closer to Seattle... I just know of him because he was on our insurance.
Thanks. I've kind of made peace with it (kind of..), but it was really hard to accept in the beginning.
We gave up for now. DD continued to lose foods, and in November she was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis and colitis. Then she lost even more foods, and now she's on elemental formula.
With these kind of drastic results, I would say you don't even need to do the test. I would be pretty positive that gluten is an issue for him. With a gluten intolerance (and even more with celiac disease), the gut is damaged by eating gluten, so your body can't absorb nutrients from your food, resulting in slow growth. When you take gluten out and let the gut heal (which sounds like what was happening in the first month), then suddenly your body is getting nutrients...
Are you keeping a food journal? What was different about your diet in those 2 months that she was better? Other common allergens are gluten and corn- have you tried cutting those?
Have you tried an elimination diet to see if there are any food allergies/intolerances causing the eczema? If you can find the food triggers, then the eczema might clear on its own!
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