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I hope you be able to go back to work soon!  The credit card is awful. We had to charge a lot to finish the house, things the construction loan wouldnt cover but the inspector said "had" to be done to move it... We tried to get a home equity loan, but don't have enough equity yet to make it worth it. 
Thanks for the link Crunchy_Mommy! What did you end up deciding to do? I hope things are working out for you all!
Thanks for the ideas and encouragement! I would love to take another kid or 2, unfortunately I am working 11 to 3 right now, so it kind of cuts up my day! I could ask around about after school maybe...  Budget wise, we bring in about 3,000 a month between the two of us. Mortgage is $1200, groceries $300, Gas $150, Electric $160, Netflix $7, Phones and Internet $150, Car $102, Credit Cards $1000. That is what kills us. We have debt from building the house that we put on...
I have cut all the areas I can think of, and we try to be super frugal, but I am still coming up short about $1000 per month! I need ideas for an extra source of income. DH works full time, I am part-time afternoons, but I have the kids all the time I am not working. So... what do you think? 
I agree that some of those areas seem high.  Groceries - maybe try preparing more from scratch? Processed foods and packaged foods can eat up your budget. Does that number include paper products and pet needs, cleaners etc?    Do you qualify for state insurance? With that kind of payment would it be worth it to purchase insurance?    I'm sure you know that "dining out" could be cut altogether... maybe start an envelope and pay cash when you have enough...
We made this, but put almond slices in the skinny end of the pear and the cottage cheese at the other end and it's a bunny! lol
58 more or less!
I would stay until he falls asleep. I still sit with my kids until they are sleeping, and they are 3, 6 and 8. (Well, the 8 year old can do it by himself...)
I really enjoyed Radial Homemakers, as well as some of the other books you all have mentioned. I just love that there are others out there who feel ok to make their own ways at home, at work and in life with out feeling like "society's" expectations have to be met. Its nice to be validated!
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