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I was thinking West Virginia, I wonder about the growing season there? Could I plant in May and grow through September? 
Hooray! Congratulations!
I always take mine right before bed. Then if my tummy hurts I am asleep and dont notice!  
I liked Abiie on Facebook. I would love to win this stroller. The one I am using is from baby #1 and three kids later it is looking pretty rough! Thanks!  
I read this thread, afraid I was going to hear that I have been doing it all wrong! Luckily, I seem to wash much the same way you all do. Dry pail, shake off loose poo, but dont worry about it. Double rinse, wash hot, bleach when needed, vinegar. Line dry when possible. 
Congratulations! I live in Chautauqua Co, NY so I am familiar with the Olean area, its just beautiful!
Where would you live if you could move anywhere? Right now I have a great home with 8 acres of woods that is near my family, but I like to fantasize about relocating. We live in New York, so costs are high and winters are long. If you could homestead anywhere, where would you go and why? l
I think that is very true. Once you get away from the sweet stuff it looses some of its power!  Kids are eating icecream right now.... not looking!
Thanks, that's a good idea.  I teach French, so I'm sure there would be an interest!
I am not a SAHM, but I loved Radical Homemakers. I really appreciate the notion that being a mother and homemaker and being well educated and a feminist are not mutually exclusive. I think is the feminist paradigm shift that impressed me the most. We ladies need to stick together!
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