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I never had the baby adaptor, and all my kids used them with no problem. I actually emailed the company and asked for a harness and they sent me one for free! I would try that route first! BTW I LOVE the tripptrapp, we have 2 and the one I needed a harness for was mine when I was a baby - still use it every day!
congrats! how exciting!
Glad your next encounter was better! Keep up the good work! Grown up relationships can be so difficult. lol!
I dont think it will be that bad. I would do what will make you and DH less cranky! If you can stand to drive straight through, go for it, but if not, I would plan to stop. I think DS will be pretty easy to entertain, just bring lots of snacks, books and music. When we drive, one parent sits in back with the kiddos, to entertain!
I wrote a review too, this is what I said: I have to express my disappointment in this shirt. Encouraging the use of formula and implying that it is superior nutritionally (formula "powered") is irresponsible. I would love to see a shirt that said "Powered by Mama's Milk". That is something my little ones would wear! At least they got some feedback, even if it doesnt change much.
smoothies! Fruit and BM in one package! Or put it on her cereal.
It sounds to me like CC's mom phrased her discomfort in a weird way, which is what caused your confusion in the first place. I think she wanted you to say something, but instead sounded like she wanted your dd to act in a way that was not age appropriate. Just another example of dropping hints gone awry! It sounds like you have it under control now, and your next play date will be better!
I recently switched from a large Pediatrician group to a local family doctor. We had waited for a while to get into his practice and I was hoping for good things. Today I took my DD (15mos) for a well visit and he said, "I guess she is due for some shots..." Then he said "You dont want to give her all of these at once do you? We can spread them out, what ever you are comfortable with". I was blown away! I had never been offered something like that before, it was great!...
I'm not sure of an answer, but I am thinking of you! FWIW, I get an infection from every cat bite and scratch. I think its an allergy thing. Hope you get a good answer...
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