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My boys are both "spirited" too. They do everything twice as fast, twice as loud and twice as intensely as many of their peers. This includes feelings and emotions, concentration and play. I keep buying copies of "Raising your spirited child" to give to their teachers! LOL
My 15 month old wont drink it. If I give it to her she takes a sip and makes a face!
so sorry for your loss!
Quote: Originally Posted by chel my dd likes to knead my backfat. wish i could just shave that off. lol!
It sounds like you have lots of experience and background knowledge that at least helps you navigate the system. Hang in there!
Maybe you could try marriage counciling? Sort of a last ditch effort then you have tried everything?
Oh, my heart breaks for you... its so hard to see your little one in pain! This could have happened so easily to any of us, I'm so sorry it had to happen to you.
My little girl has just started nursing standing up, or on her knees, or sliding down my leg... crazy little monkey! lol
My little guy (4) saw his daddy getting out of the shower. His comment was "Daddy, why does your penis have a beard?"
I am so sorry for all the troubles you have had, you are doing a wonderful job! I want to reccomend the book "Raising the Spirited Child", it helps me to look at the challenging behaviors that my son has in a more positive way! Hang in there!
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