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Thank you for this post, I too am struggling with this, although it's pretty much all aimed at me.
OP here. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I realized I could also buy my mom the new car seat (frontier or nautilus), snag the radian from her car and put it in the middle forward facing for a while anyway (at least until we have to play bump the car seat again when DD2 outgrows the scenera rear facing in my moms car and needs the radian to stay rear facing) and that might give us room to fit someone in the back seat.   Do two radians one forward and one rear fit...
It bothered me. I set limits, length of nursing, number of nursing, and I'd just flat out say no when I wasn't feeling well. Also making sure every time it hurt I relatched her as she got lazy with there not being any milk. She's still nursing at almost 3.5, now limited to twice a day. I think it really helped once the baby was born, and it sure made my milk come in quickly afterwords. I thought it was worth it, although I might space my children further this next time...
I'm going to need to buy a new seat for DD1 (age 3.5 now) as DD2 outgrows her car seat and needs DD1's radian. DD1 is in a radian now rear-facing but not far from outgrowing the radian rear-facing. I want to buy DD1 her last car seat, a harnessed that converts into a booster. My kids are tall and thin, what are my best options?   I value ease of operation and install over price concerns.   We have a 2005 Matrix, would love to install the new seat in the center...
if you need to be able to lock them in, put a high eye hook on the outside of the door. You will then probably always be awakened to banging and screaming, but it won't let them fall down the stairs.
I'm in the midst of this struggle now with my walking 9 month old and 3 year old. Mostly what you're saying just sounds like my first DD, sans sister, at 2.5 IT was a tough age. Just keeping going is about all I can say sadly. Maybe have a few special toys he can control, but otherwise 'we share the toys in this house'
Hi, this sounds rough too and we similarly have rough days. One thing I wanted to suggest with the husband that is willing, but unsure how to help, is to create a chore list. A todo list, ours is a whiteboard in our kitchen and I just write down everything that needs to be done on it. Sometimes in small detail. But it means then that he can look at it and get some ideas of what needs to be done, and I don't have to nag. He's willing to step up, but not always sure how....
I often find when I'm frustrated and want to scream, to just keep my mouth totally shut (or else I probably will yell) and just physically move my daughter through what she needs to do. Sometimes humming. Also if you tell a story while you do it, you can keep their attention.
Thanks for the pictures, they are definitely all male that I saw. The garden is at my mothers house so I can't go check constantly, I'm more there once a week to do weeding and some harvesting. The watering is done automatically. We'll try to get over there again soon
A few weeks at least. We're in Boston, don't know if that makes a difference and they've been in the ground a month. I only found anything open when I was out there in the morning. Am I just impatient?
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