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Have to agree on The Story of Stuff! Check it out on YouTube.
Great thread! I try to always cook enough for 2 or 3 meals and freeze left-overs. I keep soups and chili, taco meat, sometimes meatballs, spaghetti sauce, etc. in the freezer. I also keep sauces and gravies. We deal with food allergies and sensitivities, so I have to make a lot from scratch. Zucchini pizzas go over really well here. I slice the zucchini lengthwise. Then I add spaghetti sauce (from my freezer stash) and fresh mozz and bake them until the cheese is melted....
My dh is technically in charge of loading the dishwasher. However, I help him out, and I typically do all of the hand washing. I always intend to do a better job of loading throughout the day, and we really need to get our kids involved with this more.
Mine are 4 and 9. I let the 4 year-old stay up until 10 and the 9 yo was up until about 11. Then I woke my 9 YO up right before midnight to watch the ball drop and go out and bang pots and pans. She went right back to sleep after that. Once my litle one is old enough to know the difference, I'll wake her up too.
Carlson has a liquid that tastes like lemon and mixes into applesauce that I used to give my daughter.
I'm trying to make it until New Year's Day. I would like to have the space back. But my fridge looks like a snowman, and I'll leave that alone for a while.
Ugh! I wish I knew! I have cut down on the number of toys downstairs, and that helps some. I packed away a bunch of the toys from the playroom upstairs as well. I think for my kids, the thing that works best is frequent clean-up sessions, but then I feel like I am on clean-up patrol allll day. I always intend to do a 15 minute cleaning session with the whole family every evening, but the evenings just get too crazy.
Hey I might pop in here from time to time. I can't do FlyLady herself any more. I used to, but I get bored with different systems. I know the basic concept. I have her book. I think I will just apply her concept of shiny sink, monthly focus and build my dailies. But even the once per day email is overwhelming for me. Over the years, I have goten my house to where it doesn't take me as long to catch up when I get behind. However, I still go through phases where the really...
Coconut Chronicles has posted some beautiful pics that I find inspirational. If you go through the whole thread you'll find some great ideas. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/762506/post-pics-of-your-clean-clear-space/1120
I like California Baby's. You can check out the database on the EWG website to see which products have fewer nasty chemicals. Once I read up on it, I switched from baby magic and J&J to find something better.
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