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If you have little ones at home, be careful about the magnetix toy. It's very popular at this age, but dangerous for babies and toddlers if swallowed.
Hi everyone! I am new to all of these boards and really finding lots of places to fit in here I was diagnosed with adult ADHD last year and also have depression and anxiety. I am taking effexor xr which helps with all three conditions when taken at a high enough dose. I have had ADHD my whole life but never knew, I just thought I was naturally scatterbrained. I feel better since starting the meds, but do still have my days where the clutter and to do lists are so...
Do you mean for boys? If you do, here are some ideas: Starwars Transformers Robotic Reptile / Robosapien MP3 Players Skateboard Airhogs K'nex
I have never taken Ritalin but have been dx with adult ADHD. My psychiatrist told me that ritalin is an amphetamine and is basically a dumbed down version of meth. So, yes, I would think it could cause rage just like meth. Instead of Ritalin she prescribed me Effexor XR which helps ADHD if taken in high doses.
I LOVED lexapro when I was on it. Had no side effects coming on or off of it, and it worked wonders on my anxiety. Don't feel bad for resorting to medication, you need to do what it takes to make yourself better.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Megan~ So I'd have to get a LAN line. To save money we have just a cell phone instead of having both. It would be something to consider though. I'll need to look into it more. Would you mind to PM me with your experiences? Sure, just sent you a PM
I would not mention the fact that you returned it, but just say "thank you for attending ____'s party and helping to make the day so special. Thank you for your thoughtfulness on (name of gift here)." Because after all...it is the thought that counts, so thanking them on being thoughtful is more than enough and polite.
I had some of these symptoms, including the trouble breathing and heart palpitations, and was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Anxiety can cause so many physical symptoms that mimic serious conditions like heart attacks, it is scary to go through but good that you are getting checked and ruling everything out. My doctor told me that I was basically having panic attacks caused by GAD.
My son got pink eye on a Friday night and the doctor was closed until Monday. I researched some home remedies and one of them was to poor contact lens solution in the affected eye. I didn't want him to wake up worse or with his eye glued shut so I tried it and by morning his pink eye was completely cleared up. I guess it works because contact lens solution is essentially a disinfectant to kill bacteria.
Oops, sorry - I thought I read 7 months, not years. Since she's that old you can just get the regular vicks vapor plugs, not infant lol. And also Robitussin cough and cold works great to break up a croupy cough. But if she can't stand the taste of that Dimetapp makes a grape flavor and that is the next best thing. My 6 y/o son gets this every year, and these are things that have worked for us.
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