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Ouh I like it!! it'll be nice on our realm especially since it's so hard to find a group!
We got our warrior/priest combo to 68, one instance maybe 2 and we'll be 69. I am LOVING this guild we found through a pug group. It's made up of mostly lvl 60's leveling together, some have their lower/higher alts in but it's just nice. It's small but friendly and we're loving having the opportunity to instance at level with an at level group nightly. I think I'm really starting to get the hang of tanking too, I have never seen the boss in Sethekk dropped on the first...
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Purity♥Lake~ Our little horde guild is on Illidan. Isn't Illidan full most of the time? I remember I had tried to make a toon there and couldn't ever do it b/c it was full or locked
Quote: Originally Posted by TheBluebird I've really been focusing on my main (Beastmama) when I do play lately. I just still don't get on daily anymore. My friend inspired me to go back and work on my old main recently. She's a fire mage and she's pretty bad ass.... but she doesn't like to play alone. I am thinking of xfering her to a server where she'll have friends. But she's Horde. Does anyone ever play on Spawn of Leroy anymore? (I will cough...
I'm a bit hacked at the brewfest thing. All my achievements except worlpetinger (sp?) are gone from last year...AND because DH and I aren't 80 we're not able to get a group for the dang thing. Mind you I regularly crit heal for 10K+ on my priest at lvl 74
Ok is there a law that says 95% of death knights have to be inept at running instances? or just not bright period when it comes to wow? last 3 hellfire runs DH and I have done have had a dk in them and they're horrible, don't listen, and death grip everything. It makes me want to beat my head into the table...whats the point of being the tank if the dk isn't going to let me tank!?
Well I know i've been awol for like months... when we moved we canceled wow and now we've started it back up. I'm hoping we'll be able to keep it around for a while at least! I'll log on and hop over to runetotem but I've been leveling my lock MeganBeth on farstriders as well as my priest, and warrior (Khati and Sermako). Dh and I are just kind of playing for fun not really worrying about running anything but our server still sucks the big one it seems
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Purity♥Lake~ We haven't had trouble with the server crashing, and from what I've been told, Illidan is one of the most populated servers. There have been times since the patch that when we run a particular instance over and over, we have to wait because we are unable to re enter the instance right away, and that's a bit frustrating, but no server crashes yet. Its always been like that. You can only run an instance a...
Quote: Originally Posted by angel1895 anyone else have their UI super tiny?... ok not reeeaaallly tiny but much smaller just wondering... I cant stand having all that visual space covered in buttons whats the story about the hammer in MC?... I, um, have never been there long enough to make it that far... *sigh*... so many instances I HAVENT done yet IIRC it's the last boss in MC. BUt I could be wrong I've only run it once
Quote: Originally Posted by amydidit I tried carbonite and I just didn't like it. I liked that it didn't use as many resources as QH and Cartographer 3.0, but that's it. Unless I was just overlooking how to turn it on, there was no arrow pointing me in the direction to go. And I wasn't happy that it replaced the mini-map. Just took too much getting used too, and I don't like change. On carbonite when you're questing if you want to know where to...
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