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I have started drinking much more water these days and giving my LO a little bit more of solid food + cereals twice a day. She seems hungry, she loves her veggies. The pain is still there but it's getting a tiny bit better. A sign of hope!
Thanks! No, I got my thyroid checked, it's fine. Could I be only dehydrated and vitamin depleted, could that be it? I take my prenatal/BF vitamins though.... Anyone?
Hi, I have experienced joint pain since having my daughter 10 months ago. It is worse first thing in the morning, last thing at night and when I have been inactive for any period of time. I feel it predominantly in my hands (plus swelling in my fingers), my wrists, my feet and knees. When I get out of bed in the morning or during the night I feel like an old woman hobbling around! All of the blood tests came back negative. Mr Dr. and OB/GYN say these symptoms...
From my Ped.: In Africa, babies get a lot of sun exposure and they also supplement in Vit D.
I added this to my stroller for my 2 year old. baby #2 is in the stroller: http://www.lascal.se/web/buggyboard-maxi2.aspx
: Sam :
By gaining weight, I mean getting back to her birth weight. She looks so tiny compared to my first! I need to update my guesses, I was all wrong!!!
Baby Sarah was born on August 14th. We just got back home. It went very fast: at 3 pm I had faint contractions, got to the clinic at 5 pm, I was 2-3 cm. I went into the birthing pool at 5.30 pm and at 7 pm got out, I was then 7 cm. I finished on my hands and knees. She was born at 8.12 pm. She arrived 4 weeks early but is doing really well, nursing, gaining weight already!
I must buy 3-4 Fall outfits for my almost 2 year old - long shirts and pants that will fit her in September - before I am stuck home with a new bundle of joy, too tired to be willing to go to any clothes stores. In the car, I must add the car seat for the baby and for me a towel and trash bag in case I don't feel ok in the car... And so many little things, these annoying little things that make a long list!
Birthday: August 25th (EDD Sept 12) Birth time: 2:35am Gender: Girl (not guessing) weight: 5lbs 8oz length: 18.5 inches length of labor: 3 hours (my first was 6 hours)
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