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That awesome! At least now you'll have some time to get into "boy mode". Congrats... If someone could guarantee a boy for me I'd get pregnant right now.... Carters usually has really sweet knit fabric for boys don't they?
Quote: Originally posted by latinmom As a teacher, this argument drives me nuts. A's are for the exceptional student, and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A B!!! It means you are reasonably smart, get the main concepts and a little more, and are doing just fine. There is nothing really wrong with a C, either. We have so bought into grade inflation and the need for all children to be Ivy League scholars, that the entire system is screwed up, and these days,...
After 20 weeks you shouldn't have to drink that water. My last 2 pregnancies I didn't have to do that. With my first pregnancy my US was at 16 weeks and I was miserable! I wanted to cry. I didn't enjoy the US and was in so much agony I wasn't the least bit interested in seeing my baby. I told myself right there that I'd NEVER have another ultrasound. Thankfully the second and third time around I didn't have drink the horrid 5 glasses of water so I had the US. I mean...
What a nice Mama you are to buy your baby such nice, soft diapers. What a lucky baby to have a mama who knows of such things! Simply precious diapers as I'm sure your baby will be
Quote: How DARE you make the OP feel bad! First the rude CSR and now you? Have any of you ever been in her shoes? I think she should write a letter of complaint to the store's head office. [/B] And who may I ask are you? This has nothing to do with making the OP feel bad. However, when you put yourself out there and ask for opinions/advice that is what you'll get. I don't believe in sugar-coating everything. I get the feeling the OP thought...
If you've ever worked in retail, you'll know that a lot of parents will come into a store and let their children have the run of the place, knocking things over, picking up things and putting them where they don't belong, playing with thing that ***are not to be played with***. I can see how the cashier was frustrated! Notice she didn't say anything until the point when Fraya said she was going to allow her child to go back and play around some more!?! I probably would...
They are gorgeous and they do look so happy. Just like children should.
Premium infant prefolds are the trimmest and the cutest with a bright snappi IMO.
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