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I am very interested in this! I live in Morris County near Lake Hopatcong.  I have a 4 year old daughter. This is exciting. I will definitely take part. :D  
Hi There, I'm looking for a play group for my 4 year old.  I just want some extra socialization for her with some children her age. I'm looking for suggestions on groups to join or like minded moms who are looking to start something new. I am looking for parents who are consciously raising their children to be kind to the environment and each other. I just want to meet once a week at a local park, lake, garden, or organic farm to do u-pick.  Most of all I just...
Hi ya'll I'm looking to get my daughter exposed to some chicken pox.  So if anyone living in morris, warren, or sussex county has a child with the pox we'd love to stop by. She's four years old and I'm not vaccinating her for that.  Thanks.  ps:  I can't believe I need to resort to finding chicken pox on an internet forum!  How easy was it to catch chicken pox when we were kids.  Huh?!!!??  Oh, modern world.
Hi! Just want to hear what parents have been doing to support their food choices when they live and work in communities where food practices like avoiding meat and dairy are not so respected. I have been dealing with grandparents who see my daughter regularly disregard my instructions, coworkers, and daycare teachers disrespect the diet I believe is healthy and ethical. I feel the best I have ever felt in my life eating the way I do right now.  I am vegan, and I...
These are good videos.  I'm enjoying it.  Always good to get that extra inspiration when you need it. 
Oh mama, I feel the baby fever big time.  Its incredibly fierce.  I am seeing someone new and its been a while since I've been with anyone and I surprisingly feel myself just wanting a newborn.  I mean its like I can feel my womb ache.  Haha.  I don't even know what to do about it, because sincerly, honestly a baby right now would be dear trouble.   Glad to hear others are in the same. 
1. I am a single mom, to a toddler, doing Americorps (aka try to live on $11,000 grand a year challenge!!) 2. My main goal is to not create debt or dip into my meager savings while in Americoprs. Build up more contacts to actually get a real job next year! 3. No frivilous spending. Make toys. Freecycle. Freecycle A LOT. Sell things I don't really need. Track my spending. Maybe find a room mate.
Love it! We are TV Free - does any one ever try to win over your kids trying to sing theme songs of say spongebob or another cartoon only to have your son or daughter look back expressionless or confused? I had that happen a couple times here. Pretty silly.
Mama, I hear you! Same thing with my two. We were in the grocery store, I let her walk around and was not listening, was running away, etc... I tried to put her in the cart and she went beserk. Usually she calms down pretty quickly, but instead she had a full blown melt down. I was in a rush, and was trying to calm her down while shopping at thte same time, and some stranger came up to me, stopped me in the aisle and began grilling me on all the possible reasons why...
Hi, I'm moving to Asheville from out of state. I have a 2yo and am trying to find a child care that will be open from 8:00 to 5:30 and is really child centered, nature focused, and safe. She's too young for the Asheville Montessori and Blue Ridge Montessori isn't open long enough...any ideas? Thanks!
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