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This just keeps getting better and better.So, who created AIDS? The Rockefellers? Rothschilds? Illuminati? And why did they create it? To what end?
Ah. Good old AIDS denialism rears its ugly head yet again.
You're right. Back in Ye Olden Days when I trained, we just gave the IV form orally if we needed to ( for people who failed treatment of c diff with metronidazole.) Looking at the cost of the oral capsules, looks like that's still the cheapest way to do it.
  Vancomycin is not an antiviral.  It is an antibiotic.  It targets MRSA.   It is not given routinely for ANYTHING, let alone the flu.  It is only available IV.   All vaccinated children in the Western hemisphere are carriers of MRSA?  Bullshit.  Please give me a link to a study that shows this.  I personally know it's not true- when my son had some surgery done, he had a nasal swab for MRSA (standard at the hospital that he had the surgery at).  It was negative.  He is...
  Please name one vaccine that is injected "straight into the bloodstream."  Just one.
Who knows? I know nothing about the OP.I've been on MDC since 2008. I've seen some pretty spectactularly bad advice get given out and acted on.Some of that advice has led to infant death.So yeah. I think it's irresponsible.
I'm not saying it can't be an autoimmune, I'm saying that it is not always, or even usually, autoimmune. And to tell the OP that it is an autoimmune disease and he should not get the flu shot for that reason is irresponsible. It's like saying that pericarditis is an autoimmune disease. It can be, but not always.
Kathy-I've got to admit, I'm kind of blown away by your response. Are you really giving the op medical advice based on Google, by saying "I would stay away from it (the flu vax)"?If only the practice of medicine were as easy as a google search!FYI- you can't say "myosotis is an autoimmune disease." Well, I guess you could say it, but you would be wrong. Viral myosotis is not autoimmune- it is caused by direct invasion of the muscle tissue by the virus and a resultant...
Whenever I have a cold, I wear a mask. I never worried that my health care privacy was being violated. If a patient has active TB, should we not make them wear a respirator mask to protect their privacy? Those TB masks a very distinctive looking, and unlike a regular surgical mask are pretty much only used for patients with TB. HIPAA violation?
 Uh, that's what the Cochrane group DOES. They review existing studies. They don't do their own research. Why is that some sort of indictment of them?
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