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Because calling something with a ton of scientific evidence behind it "black magic" is nuts and completely over the top. Also, saying that there is never, ever any benefit to vaccination is just as bad as saying that vaccination is 100% effective and 100% safe all the time.
Nurse practitioners prescribe drugs. So do PAs. So do nurse midwives. So do naturopaths, in at least 10 states. So do psychologists, in Oregon. Are they held to the same standard?
ooMy point is, I can't understand why anyone would look to congress for medical facts. And no, I don't think you can trust any of them on medical facts (unless you're talking about one of the two or three doctors in congress).
And, God knows, the US congress always gets it right on medical issues.   Right, Congressman Aiken?  
  Especially given that it's impossible to prove a negative!           Well, now you do.  I was a kid in the 70's and I had allergies and eczema.  Still do, as a matter of fact.  I know several people who had ear tubes (I remember a good friend always having to make sure she had earplugs in when she came over to swim).  My father-in-law had asthma as a kid, and he was born in 1942.   Does my anecdotal evidence outweigh yours?   I thought not.  That's why it's useless.
I always find it amusing when people say, "Doctors are not Gods!" Yes, doctors are well aware that they are not gods. The reason I find this amusing is because those that say it seem to be most likely to expect doctors to be just like gods. Take, for example, some of the comments that have been made here about doctors not knowing enough about parenting and breastfeeding. Despite my comments about the many hours of training I received, people are still not satisfied that...
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I don't understand.  Why is this an unreasonable, off topic issue?  The topic of the thread is why people follow medical authorities.  I think it's very relevant to clarify if people are making decisions based on one bad or good experience versus some kind of systemic issue.
If it were a registered 501(c) non profit with a board of directors overseeing operations, I'd feel that was more acceptable.  As it appears, it's some Joe Blow on the internet who runs a self-published newsletter.
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